Recipes Perfect for Memorial Day Party

Onion Bhaji:

Onion Bhaji

When friends are around, drinks in hand and you busy chatting away, nothing can keep you a better company than some spicy, crunchy goodness called Onion Bhaji. Recipe here.

Tandoori Potatoes:

Tandoori Microwave Potato

Why should only the meat eaters have all the fun? Toss some potatoes in a spicy tandoori masala, throw them in a microwave and give the meat eaters a serious competition with these tandoori potatoes. Recipe by Rupal

Masala Papad:


Chips and salsa get an Indian makeover with these spicy Masala Papad. Works great with a bottle of chilled beer, Mojito or Reisling. Recipe by Kankana

Tandoori Chicken with Cucumber Raita Dip:

Tandoori Chicken

Indian BBQ is just not complete without a good batch of tandoori chicken legs. Cool it off with a cooling cucumber raita. Recipe here

Chicken Sliders with Mint Aioli:


How about a round of sliders at this Memorial Day party? These chicken sliders are just the perfect size and to give it a kick there’s a cooling spicy mint aioli hidden in there!. Recipe here

Sprouts Chaat Papdi:

Sprouts Dahi Papdi

Welcome summer with some chaat. A healthy one! Recipe here

Naan Pizza:

Naan Pizza

Turning the oven on for a pizza at a summer party might be a tough thing to do but how about putting some naans on the grill and making some Naan Pizza? Recipe here

Iced Masala Chai:


Summer party calls for some summer drinks. And if its an Indian inspired party then there has to be masala chai is one for or another. Recipe here

Shikanji Sorbet:


Popular Indian summer drink Shikanji which is nothing but an Indian version of limeade. Simple yet so refreshing, even more so when turned into a light and cold sorbet. Recipe here

Jalebi Ice Cream Cake:


Our recipe contributor Vijitha searched the world and came back to us with all the good it had to offer- Jalebi and Ice Cream and made a cake out of it! You simply cannot say no to this. Recipe here

Spicy Red Cabbage Salad:

spicysaladAfter all that ice cream we have to play the healthy card now! How about we also spice it up? Recipe by Sia

Cantaloupe and Blueberry Salad: 


This is a nice and refreshing salad that you would love on a hot summer brunch or you could have it for lunch. Recipe here

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  1. The recipe looks delicious , It is the best Indian dish that is liked very much. Tofu could also be used for stuffing the packoras and samosas as it is rich in proteins and fiber.

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