Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crunchy cantaloupe and blueberry salad


It was not until a few weeks back when I started getting invites from people for the end of summer barbecue parties that I realized that summer is almost ready to kiss a bye bye. Very soon there will be snow all around and I'll be sitting on my living room couch sipping coffee, looking outside the window and thinking how fast summer went by.


Since then I'm trying to spend as much time in the pool as I can, have pulled out all my shorts and trying to make as much summery, cool and vibrant food as I can. Ice creams and salads are on top of the list these days. So yesterday was not very different. I made a salad again! A fruit salad. Crunchy cantaloupe salad.


Originally I was planning on making just a cantaloupe salad but these days the little one is liking blueberries. So you know how it goes.. Whatever she likes to eat goes into whatever she would eat. Hence the family is eating a lot of blueberries lately!


This is a nice and refreshing salad that you would love on a hot summer brunch or you could have it for lunch like we did yesterday. Just use some simple, everyday ingredients you can find in your fridge and out comes a beautiful vibrant meal.

1 medium size cantaloupe
1 cup blueberries
1/4 cup almond flakes
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp red pepper flakes (for a little kick!)
1 tbsp chopped sweet basil leaves ( I wanted to make use of my beautiful basil plant so I used basil, you can use mint too. It will also give it a cool refreshing taste)


Using a melon baller, scoop out bite sized pieces of cantaloupe. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
Toast almonds in a skillet over medium low heat for about 3-4 mins. Almond gives the salad a nice crunch that I liked. You can also use toasted walnut or pecans if you want.
Before serving mix all the ingredients together. Give it a nice toss and the serve!



  1. I love cantaloupe and this looks delicious!

    P.S.Can someone live by looking at delicious pictures alone ? I think I can.

  2. Great idea and lovely shots! I know what you mean about summer flying by. By the way, your basil looks so healthy! Mine keeps getting infested by flies but now I know what it should look like haha.

  3. what a refreshing recipe and gorgeous pic's...oh yes it very sad that summer almost gone, am too trying my best to complete my summer to do list :)

  4. Lovely blog. Adding yours to my blog list. Can't to wait to try this recipe for my next bbq get together, Well, in Texas we have a loooong way to go for our summers to end.

  5. Thats a salad which shouts summer! Refreshing & quick!
    Gorgeous pics!

  6. first time to your blog... and I am amazed... it is a visual treat out here! happy to follow u...

  7. Thanks a lot you guys! You always make me smile and work harder to impress you even more :-)
    Geeta, Tanvi & Fatima Welcome to IndiaSimmer. I hope you enjoyed your time here and I can't wait to checkout what you guys have been doing!

  8. Prerna, the fruit salad looks marvelous! And so is your photography! Excellent.
    Now you have a new follower.


  9. never had cantaloupe...but from ure pics it looks gorgeous..and love the pic of the basil plant(isnt it basil)

  10. Prerna, so happy to have found your blog from your comment. It's beautiful! Have you given cantaloupe to your daughter yet? I gave some to Surya and she loved it!

  11. Lovely fruit salad! Definitely going to make it in our coming summer :)

  12. Superb and well presented. Love the melon bowl and clicks. Visit my blog when time permits.

  13. Simply stunning pictures. I am head over heals in love with your blog now :)

  14. yes it is!! I will try the basil with mine next time. good idea. must be sound like a cliche, but the pictures are so beautiful!

  15. That looks delicious. And btw, I absolutely LOVE the banner on your blog. It's gorgeous!


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