10 Amazing Curries From One Curry Paste

We’ve gathered the best curries that can be made from the ever popular curry paste (recipe here). All of these recipes are within arm’s reach if you prepare a batch of curry paste that can serve as the spice base for all of these curries. Give them a try and let us know how they turned out!

2. Rajma Masala

Red kidney beans cooked with several spices makes for a hearty curry dish. A favorite in North India, the curry is often paired with steamed rice and Rotis. Recipe here.


  1. The link to the curry paste recipe is no longer worker. Can you please restore the recipe page? I am a fan of Indian cooking and although, these days, I am mostly using spice mixes from a really great company here in Australia called Mudjeeraba Spices, I would like to have a better handle on the basics.

  2. Anon – unfortunately one of the stipulations from DuPont who kindly sponsored the giveaway was that the prize ship within the US 🙁 I love my Canadian readers… Maybe you have an American relative that could enter on your behalf?

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