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Inspired by Rasayana -a South Indian sweetened banana fruit salad sweetened with jaggery and garnished with freshly grated coconut and slivered almonds, these muffins are egg-less and made with the goodness of whole wheat atta. The ethereal aromas of saffron and cardamom and hints of coconut take this ordinary...
This is a healthy tasting bar with slight bitter notes from the natural cocoa and molasses and nutrition powerhouse of ingredients. Ingredients: old fashioned oats flour (pre-roasted and finely ground) golden flax seeds pumpkin and sunflower seed mix almond butter hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) ground cinnamon molasses natural cocoa pure vanilla extract medjool dates, pitted Read full post: No-Bake Oats...
How to make Homemade Yogurt 1) with starter yogurt 2) without starter yogurt 3) lots of tips to set the right consistency yogurt Ingredients: whole milk yogurt (starter) Read full post: Homemade Yogurt and Tips to set it right
Milk Rava Kesari using brown sugar Semolina Milk Pudding Ingredients: semolina / rava / sooji tbsp ghee whole milk water a pinch of good quality saffron cashews cardamom brown sugar sultana raisins Read full post: Sajjige | Milk Rava Kesari
Traditional South Indian Pongal with Coconut Chutney Ingredients: short grain rice split yellow dal / moong dal turmeric salt low-fat milk ~ optional for the tempering: jeera/cumin seeds whole black pepper hing/asafoetida copra /desiccated coconut / grated dry coconut cashews broken into pieces Ghee Read full post: Pongal Chutney