Mango Pudding

Mango PuddingHanging her head down she was sitting there stirring her bowl of breakfast cereal. Gently, pushing the cheerios down in the milk and then watching them bounce back up. No word, just silence. Very unlike the butterfly I know. “Maa” then she breaks the silence and goes, “remember the time when you explained to me what a mixed feeling is? Well, I think I am having one of those today. I’m feeling excited but at the same time nervous about tomorrow.” I assured its normal and everyone feels the same. Although she did not look convinced, when the topic of what she should be wearing came up instead, a wave of brightness kissed her face and she was back to her jumping and bouncing self. Although that did not do anything to the knot in my own stomach. New neighborhood, new school and absolutely no familiar faces. I was nervous for her too. Probably much more than she was.

Mango PuddingThen the day came. We walked into the school with a slightly bigger knot in our stomachs. Walked into a sea of kids, teachers and parents, everyone chatting away. Looked like everyone knew everyone. Except for us. Then I felt a little tug on my hand, I bend over and she whispers in my ear, “Maa, this place looks like a big birthday party only this party is never going to end. I love this!” And went back to gazing around with her bright grinning eyes. Suddenly I did not have that knot in the stomach anymore, only it moved up to the throat. From there she went non stop about the fancy art on the class door, in her favorite rainbow colors, new box of art supplies and her name written beautifully on her table. Didn’t even turn back to say good bye when we slipped out of the room. Some important discussion going on with a new found friend it seems. This time we were the ones leaving with a mixed feeling, the husband and I. I do not want to insert the same old cliched, “they grow up so fast”. But, arrgh, they do!

I have been thinking a lot about this mango pie I had at a friend’s sometime back. Inspired by those flavors I made this pudding after we got back from her school. Probably to win her back with a delicious after school snack? Or maybe just to repair by wounded heart! Whatever be the reason, this pudding definitely did the job. Two of her favorite things, mangoes and raspberries, thrown together and out came this very simple, easy and less than 5 ingredient delight.

Mango PuddingThought this recipe might also be a great way to celebrate this new and improved face of Indian Simmer. Abhishek has worked really hard, for weeks if not months bringing it to shape. I am absolutely in love with it. Let me know how you like it.

Ingredients: serves 6-8
Mango pulp- 2 cups
Cream cheese (softened)- 1 cup
Water- 1/2 cup
Agar Agar (or gelatin)- 1 tablespoon
1 cup fresh berries

In a small saucepan bring water to a boil. Turn heat off. Add agar agar. Stir vigorously until it dissolves completely. Set aside to cool to a room temperature.

In a big mixing bowl, using an electric mixer whisk the cream cheese on medium high speed, until light, 3-5 minutes.

Add mango pulp and room temperature agar agar. Whisk until well incorporated.

Pour into serving bowls. Put it in the refrigerator until chilled and set, at least 3-4 hours.

Top with some berries (I used raspberries). Serve chilled.


  1. All of your food is beautiful! I love all types of Indian food but don’t really know where to start with cooking it. I think I may have just found a place. Thanks!

  2. All of your food is beautiful. I love all types of Indian food but have no idea where to start in cooking it. I think I just found a great place to start. Thanks!

  3. I still remember the first time I met your butterfly…They do grow so fast!
    So glad you to see you back Prerna and I like the new look! It’s neat and easy to read. I am glad the elephant didn’t go away 🙂

  4. The site looks absolutely amazing! In love with it! Reading through your post, I was reminded the time when my elder one started her playschool. She happily got into the bus, waved me a goodbye and all I did was rush home, and sob till the pillow got wet! That is one thing we learn from kids, that there is no point in sulking at what has already happened and what would happen! Their anxieties seem to melt much faster than ours… 🙂 The recipe is yum, like a cheesecake in a jar…

    • Arrgh, breaks my heart everytime I realize they are growing too fast. One part wants them to grow and be independent and the other part just doesn’t want to let go!

  5. Prerna! Yay! You are back!
    LOve the fresh new look of IndianSimmer! Congratulations! to you and Abhishek for doing this amazing makeover amidst all the zillion stuff! The Haathi and the coral orange color is asbolutely cute!
    (Is there a thing like too many exclamations?!) 😀

  6. Yay… You kept the elephant and it is cuter than the previous one!
    Loving the new avatar of Indian Simmer. I really like the fresh and seamless look. Good job, Abhishek and Prerna! Just wondering how you guys managed to do this with 5 year old and few months old baby?! 🙂

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