Masala Egg Rolls with Rotimatic

OK, a small confession- I got to know about this “young and energetic engineer in Singapore who had developed this amazing robot that could make rotis for you, in your kitchen”, about two years back. As much as I was impressed by the determination and perseverance of this young woman who worked for 8 years to get her first prototype out, I knew I do not need it.

Around two years back, probably through a kickstarter link (or maybe another crowd funding websites, I do not remember!), a friend shared info about Rotimatic to a bunch of us, in an email. “Guys, guess what?”, the email went… “Our prayers have been answered! Finally a machine that can make rotis for us”. And then just like any other topic shared with a group of girls, this one became a conversation that went on for a long time. In this case it took shape of a long thread of emails exchanged over weeks, amongst a group of us working moms who want to feed healthy food to their family but because of their crazy, busy life, they (think!) are failing…. at keeping the house organized, keeping themselves fit, helping the kids with their homework, volunteer work…. oh, and also at feeding their family healthy food! Amongst all the different directions this conversation was taking us, splitting us in groups of the ones who thought this machine is a genius and the ones who thought it was overrated, one thought prevailed. We were thrilled that someone thought of making one and it’s exciting that “someone” is a woman!

Some of the girls actually took the leap of faith and went ahead and supported the kickstarter while some of us (myself included), tapped our finger on the table and said we will wait and watch. I did not decide on whether this machine is useful or not but I was sure I definitely do not need it. I am a food blogger who loves cooking so making a few rotis (almost) everyday might sometimes feel like a drag but I grew up cooking them, and it was part of life, so I was alright. I stayed with that belief for almost two years until I actually used this bad boy. It has been more than a few weeks since this machine came into my kitchen and I have this feeling of a guilty pleasure when I say this, but I have not made roti on my cooktop ever since. And yes, we are eating rotis pretty much everyday, maybe more than before.

Masala Egg Roll

Founders Pranoti and Rishi, did a great job bringing this machine to existence. I might be more impressed by Pranoti here (go feminism!) but they make a great team and it shows in the product that they put forward. Just like any first product, it has its pros and cons which I will summarize below but I have to say I am impressed by it, it has definitely made my life easier, it has made my friends curious and is a delight for the kids. Pretty much everyone in the butterfly’s school knows that we have a roti making machine and girls are wanting to come on playdates so they can “make roti with the robot”. I should sell this punchline to the team of Rotimatic! I have still not decided whether I would be willing to spend that money (considering the price tag) but now I definitely know that I want one.


Masala Egg Roll

If you are looking to buy a Rotimatic to make your busy life a little smoother and healthier, I totally recommend it. Rotimatic is offering a discount of $100 to the readers of Indian Simmer if you follow this link.

A Few Quick Things About Rotimatic:

  • World’s first and only fully automated flat bread making kitchen robot. Only product to use advanced technology and robotics in the kitchen segment
  • 15 sensors and 300 microparts in synchrony, 10 motors and 32-bit microprocessors.
  • Mimics human judgment while kneading dough, learns and adapts, gets smarter with every use. Adapts to different types of flours.
  • Connects to Wi-Fi. Remote app (to be launched soon).
  • Makes all kinds of flatbreads like Roti, Tortilla, Puri, Mini Pizza etc.
  • Has three separate compartments for flour, water and oil. You fill the ingredients and Rotimatic does the rest.
  • Makes about 1 roti every 90 seconds.


  • Of course the convenience is a big pro. You have fresh, homemade roti at your table anytime you want without moving a finger. Well, ok you might have to move your finger but you know what I mean!
  • Its easy to clean. Can just throw the parts in the dish washer.
  • Cloud- technology makes the software updates easy. You just need to connect your machine to the wi-fi.
  • Very simple to use with just push of a button so I know even if I am not home my husband or even my 8 yr old can cook some rotis and feed themselves. That’s a big deal for me. One less thing to worry about.


  • For me the biggest problem is the price point. I got the same feedback from the friends who also have a busy life and love the convenience of the machine. At $999 this machine is a little heavy on the pocket.
  • Noise is another thing that people have a problem with. For me its not really a big negetive because its like any other loud blender we use in our kitchen.
  • Size of the machine can be another drawback. It will ask for a good chunk of space on your counter.

I made some Masala Egg Rolls using the rotis made in Rotimatic. Masala Egg Roll is my take on a traditional street food, Calcutta egg rolls. Its a simple recipe made even simpler with the use of rotimatic.

Masala Egg RollIngredients: Makes 8 rolls

8 Rotis (I used rotimatic) you can also use this recipe

6 eggs

1/2 teaspoon garam masala

1/2 teaspoon red chili powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

approx. 2 tablespoon- cooling oil

Chili sauce (as per taste)

1/4 cup red onion (thinly sliced)

1 tomato (thinly sliced)



Heat a heavy bottom pan over medium low heat. Add approx. 1/4 teaspoon oil. Add a pinch of cumin seeds. As they sputter pour a ladle of egg mixture. Swirl it around to make an omelette the size of the roti. Before the egg sets, place a roti on top and press down gently. Once the egg is cooked flip the roti. Remove from the pan and place the egg side up.

Repeat the same process for the rest of the eggs and roti.

Spread chili sauce, on the egg side of the roti. Arrange sliced onion, tomato and cilantro in a line. Roll up into a roll.

Serve with hot chai.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Rotimatic. However the recipe and opinion expressed here is solely mine. Please follow this link to get a discount of $100 on your Rotimatic machine. 

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