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BlogphotoAfter school when I went off to college, and then later on while working, I stayed at a private girls hostel. I lived in that place for over eight years and shared room with almost a dozen roommates at one point or another. When you share a room or space with people, you slowly come closer, share things with the person and they slowly become a part of your life. Some of them you get along very well, some constantly irritate you, some become close friends and then there are some who leave a mark.

I had one such friend who began as being just a roommate but then slowly became an integral part of my life. A beautiful soul, an independent young woman and a nurturing person. Although she had a childhood full of struggles, details of which I wouldn’t go into but after a series of hardships she somehow turned up at the door of a covent orphanage, at the tender age of 3. She and her older sister, who must be 5 at the time. I’d like to keep her identity private but knowing her for over 15 years now, I have never heard a word of struggle or hardships from that period so I will not convey that either. She and her sister were lucky to have received the sponsorship from a german couple, for their studies etc and very soon the family also adopted the sisters. So all I have heard of her childhood are the stories of her trips to Germany and of her Tante and Onkel!

Today she is a doting mother, a loving partner and a successful career woman. So is her older sister. Tante and Onkel aren’t around anymore but the two sisters are carrying their legacy. I do not believe in fairytales and neither do I believe in luck. I do although believe in destiny and I think this was hers.

But we also cannot ignore the fact that some really hardworking people and beautiful souls work day and night, selflessly, to bring many such children closer to a life better than the circumstance brings them to. One such organization and group of people I totally love is World Vision.

World Vision, is a Christian humanitarian organization helping children, families, and their communities overcome poverty and injustice. They touch lives of families and specially kids living under immense poverty, across the world in almost 100 countries across Asia, Africa, and even here in the US. They work tirelessly towards their better health, education, economic development, gender equality and addressing basic problems like hunger, hygiene and clean water. 

(Image Courtesy: World Vision)

I have been with them for the past two years and their dedication still amazes me. I guess its the faces like these, that keeps them going.

Please please please visit their website and learn more about what they do, how they do it and if there’s a way you can help them with their mission. For example, if by spending just a few dollars a month, you can sponsor a child and help him or her with her education. Or buy a gift basket of some absolutely gorgeous handmade products which you can very well use at home and as a result the money you spend goes towards building someone’s house. There’s much more information on their website that might answer all the questions you might have. So please, this new year try and change a life!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but a collaboration with World Vision to spread the word about the work they are doing. World vision provided us with the featured products in their gift basket for photography purposes. All the opinion shared in this post is solely mine. 

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