30 Navratri Recipes


  1. Sabudana Vada Tots:

Sabudana Vada Tots

Who doesn’t know about popular Sabudana Vada. A super simple recipe with just a few basic ingredients make for a quick and delicious vrat food. We just gave it a little makeover to make it more appealing for the little ones too.

Malai Kofta

Creamy No Onion-No Garlic Malai Kofta Curry

This Paneer Malai Kofta although tastes just like the one you enjoy at your favorite Indian restaurant, uses no onion or garlic making it suitable for Navratri.

Kache Kele Ki Sabji:

You can make Kacche Kele Ki Sabzi for the occasions like Navratri or Diwali when onion and garlic are not used in the cooking. It is a simple dry preparation of raw banana and the best part is, it is gluten free too.

Dry Chole Recipe:

Dry Chole Recipe

This Dry Chole chana is the simple recipe without onion and garlic. It has some taste of Ginger paste and some dry spices. You can enjoy this Dry Chole with Puri.

Dahi Ke Aloo:

Dahi Ke Aloo

This is something very simple, goes well with the pooja meal because it doesn’t ask for strong spices, onion or garlic and as my husband says, its very carby. So perfect for a meal after a day of fasting.

Quick Microwave Potato Fry:

Although I garnished the potatoes here with onion, this recipe doesn’t ask for any. Just tossing the potatoes with some spices and oil, throw them in the microwave and they are good to go. You do not have to skip your navratri meal even o a busy day.

Sabudana Waffles:

Up, your sabudana game a bit with these sabudana waffles. Although the recipe asks for garlic (and ginger) but you can totally omit it and go for a “navratri version” of it without much change to the crispiness of the waffles.


Sabudana Khichdi:

When you talk of vrat food, Sabudana khichdi is teh first thing that comes to mind so we had to include it here.

Sabudana Kheer:

Sweetened with date palm jaggery this tapioca pearls pudding is a creamy, luscious, healthy (& gluten free) bowl of comforting dessert for these Navratri days.

Arbi and Sabudana Thalipeeth:

Thalipeeth made from Arbi and Sabudana. A flourless recipe.This is one of the recipes that can be enjoyed even during Navratri. Quick to make and yummy to eat. It is filling too.

Sabudana Vada:

Sabudana Vada is another popular vrat recipe where this vrat staple, sabudana or tapioca pearls are soaked to puff and soften and then mixed with boiled potato and a few basic spices to make vadas. Can be served with a simple date chutney or a drizzle of spiced yogurt and cilantro.

Apple Halwa:

Halwa a popular Indian dessert, can be made in several ways. This apple halwa here is a take on the traditional gajar halwa using almost the same ingredients and cooking style. You can try fruits like pineapple, or raw banana or even any kind of squash too.

Lauki ka Halwa:

Bottle Gourd, or Dudhi or Lauki is another popular squash that is used to make halwa. You can very well make it for Navratri.

Gajar Halwa:

You speak of halwa in Indian festivals and not talk about carrot halwa or as we lovingly call it Gajar Ka Halwa, that would be so wrong. So here’s the recipe for our beloved Gajar Halwa.

Carrot Halwa Trifle:

These mini versions of carrot halwa trifle is a fun twist to our traditional carrot halwa making them a great contender for your next Navratri party.

Doodh Ka Sheera:

Doodh Ka Sheera, is not very far from a paneer ki kheer where fresh or store bought paneer is cooked in milk. Only here the milk is first slow cooked to be reduced and then a coagulant, lemon, lime juice or vinegar is used to curdle the milk. The real magic happens right after that. Unlike the making of paneer where you get rid of the whey, some sugar is added to the whey instead and cooked with the paneer which by now turns into soft, spongy cheese balls. In the end you get a dessert which looks and tastes very much like rasgulla and paneer ki kheer would make babies. That does sound like a pretty sweet baby, doesn’t it?

Bhappa Doi:

A popular bengali dessert, Bhappa Doi is a dish where sweetened condensed milk and yogurt are mixed together and then steamed to make this melt in your mouth cheesecake.

Bhappa Doi with POM seeds and nuts:

This yogurt pudding is inspired by bhapa doi, a traditional Bengali dessert. Bengali cuisine is famous for their delectable desserts, most of which are made with a minimal number of ingredients, but incredible technique.
You can make your own bhapa doi easily at home by using a couple of simple ingredients like Greek yogurt and condensed milk. Luscious and delectable, this silky pudding has been jazzed up with a quick pomegranate coulis, crushed nuts and rose petals. Perfect for entertaining or for days when you simply feel like it!

Coconut Khoya Laddu:

Deliciously decadent and melt-in-your mouth kind of fudge is this Coconut Khoya Laddoo. Impress your guests this Navratri by making this really quick and easy laddoo.

Cardamom Peda:

These quick to make cardamom peda are a delicious option when you have to whip up something “traditional” and festive last minute. Just microwave some dry milk powder and condensed milk, throw in some nuts and cardamom and you are good to go. These are so decadant, no one can even tell they took minutes to make.

Paneer Badam Kheer: 

Paneer Badam Kheer is a rich, delicious Indian milk pudding with the goodness of paneer (cottage cheese) and almonds (badam).

Pumpkin Pudding:

Our recipe contributor Alka says, “My son is a fussy vegetable eater and this one is never been on his favourite list. But I had found a way to make him fall in love with this humble vegetable when he found the house filled with the fragrance of festivity with this sweet and gooey dessert called Pumpkin Halwa. This one dessert I am sure is going to change your perception of Pumpkin, when you look into the color and texture of this dessert.”


Creamy milk reduced to a thick pudding of sorts that is sweetened with sugar and made fragrant with saffron and cardamom, one spoon of this rabri is enough to make you forget about all the woes in this world!

Sabudana Jalebi:

Jalebi is a traditional sweet dish made on every festival and special occasions . If you are a true jalebi fan, here is a quick and tasty version that can be prepared without long hours of fermentation and made from the Tapioca pearls or Sabudana .

Shrikhand Tart:

Shrikhand, creamy sweet hung curd, mildly flavored with crushed cardamom and saffron strands is a magical transformation of simple curd into a sweet delicacy befitting for GODs. That’s why “Shrikhand” is supposed to mean “Ambrosia of the Gods”. This traditional Indian dessert uses Low fat, rich and creamy Greek yogurt and involves no cooking and is a standard feature of many households especially in Gujrat and Maharastra. Shrikhand is generally flavored with saffron, cardamom or diced fruits and served with masala puri or as a standalone dessert.

Kheer Komola:

This is an amazing bengali dessert marrying all the richness and goodness of a traditional kheer to the tang and punch of citrus which in this case is orange. Oranges like valencia, malta or clementines work best for this dessert.

Papaya Delight:

Papaya is fortified with powerful antioxidants , contains dietary fiber, copper, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, and thiamin. The possibility with cooking with Papaya is versatile. You can make salads, fruit pies, smoothies, juice or even a salsa out of it. Because of it’s numerous health benefits, papaya is one of the best fruits and perfect for vrat boosting your energy during these auspicious Navratri days.

Protein Rich Energy Balls:

A very quick sweet made by grinding roasted peanuts and mixed dry nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and pistachio. It is often made during “Shravan” month when people observe fast but can very well be used for any other fasting days too like…. you guessed it, Navratri Vrat!

Mango Ginger Iced Tea:

A refreshing drink suitable even for vrat, this mango ginger iced tea is a perfect excuse to stop during the day to cool yourself down with a sip of deliciousness.


  1. I especially like Kache Kele Ki Sabji. tHanks for sharing this recipe as I search for a very long time and can’t get the perfect recipe and yours just the one I’m looking for.

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