Egg Dosa

Egg Dosa

Ok, this is going to be a very quick post, just like the quick recipe I am going to be sharing with it. I never knew Egg Dosa was a unique dish until I recently shared a short video of it on social media. I was just casually cooking them for the kids’ breakfast one Saturday morning. Just like I have been doing for years now and I thought, I’ll share a quick video of the technique with Indian Simmer followers on Facebook. To my surprise, the video was an instant hit and people wrote asking for the full recipe.

Egg DosaSo here I am with the recipe, which is not much of a recipe beyond what you see on the video. Egg dosa is something that is always a hit in our household. I love the fact that its so quick to put together. Just pull out the batter from the refrigerator, crack a couple eggs and you are good to go. Breakfast, after school snack, lunchbox meal, you name it. And the kids love it because they can just roll one up and they are good to go.

Egg DosaIngredients:

For Dosa, follow this link for a complete process.

1 egg, beaten (makes about two egg dosas)

Salt to taste


Extras: (optional)

Cilantro chutney (recipe here)

Thinly sliced onion

Tomato ketchup


Heat a thick bottom griddle of tava. Mix egg and salt. Set aside.

Wipe it clean and lightly grease it. Pour dosa batter and you normally would to make a dosa. (follow the instructions to make dosa here).

Once the batter on the surface is not wet, drizzle a little oil. Pour beaten egg. Spread on the surface of dosa. Cook until the surface is opaque. Flip dosa. Be careful not to break it. Cook the other side for barely 2 seconds. Take off the griddle.

Now if you want, spread a thin layer of cilantro chutney, sprinkle some onion and tomato ketchup. Roll and serve.

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  1. Thank you so much for the recipe. I have already made this several times and I keep experimenting with paneer, cheese, mushrooms as toppings. Each time, it’s better than before. I have also realised that using ghee (I generally use Gowardhan Ghee) instead of oil, made my Dosa crispier and crunchier! That way it tastes even better and gives a different flavour! I look forward to many such recipes. Much love.

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