Strawberry shrikhand eggrolls with chocolate drizzle

Strawberry shrikhand eggrolls with chocolate drizzle

Nothing says love like chocolate and strawberries, and then be it fried – that takes it to a whole different level of indulgence and yumminess. I’ve made these egg rolls with a variation of fillings but this strawberry shrikhand is hands down my favorite and everybody who has tasted these agrees! The slight tangy sweetness of the shrikhand and the rich chocolate drizzle makes this dessert a hard to let go treat and is visually enticing. I hope you will give this recipe a try and enjoy it this Valentines day or any day, because love doesn’t last just one day, or whenever you want to enjoy a crispy treat that oozes flavor as you bite into it.


For Shrikhand:
Whole milk Yoghurt – 2 cups
Fresh strawberries – 1 pint
Confectioners’ Sugar – to taste
1 green cardamom – seeds removed and crushed/ground in a mortar pestle
For Chocolate Drizzle:
Semi-sweet chocolate chips – 1/2 cup
Heavy cream – 3 tbsp
To assemble:
Egg Roll wrappers
Water – few tablespoons
Oil to deep fry
Confectioners sugar’ – 1 tbs to sprinkle


To make shrikhand:
I would start at least six hours before I want to fry the egg rolls. Its best to use fresh yogurt (dahi) that’s not sour, Drain it in a sieve lined with few layers of cheese cloth. Once the water has drained, gather the hung curd along with the cheese cloth, place it in a dish and put in the refrigerator weighed down by something heavy (I used my mortar) for few hours to chill and set. Hull and chop the strawberries. Add some sugar to the strawberries and mash with a fork. If you like a smooth consistency to your egg roll filling, you can whiz the strawberries in food processor. Let the strawberries sit at room temperature.
Take the yogurt out of the refrigerator, add cardamom powder, confectioners’ sugar and the strawberries, making sure not to add to much liquid from the strawberries. You don’t want your shrikhand filling to be runny. Check for sugar and adjust to taste. Your Shrikhand filling is ready.
For Chocolate drizzle/dripping sauce:
Melt the chocolate and heavy cream in a double boiler or microwave until just melted and shiny. Set aside.
For Eggrolls:
Heat oil. Lay single eggroll wrapper on a clean surface, with a corner pointing towards you. Place about 1.5 tbsp of shrikhand near the bottom half of the wrapper. Fold the corner pointing towards you over the filling. Wet your fingers in water and paint rest of the edges. Fold in the opposite sides and roll the wrapper. Seal the tip with some more water. Repeat with other wrappers till the filling is gone. You should get at least 12 egg rolls. Keep the rolled egg rolls covered with a damp kitchen napkin. Once you are ready to fry, gently leave the egg rolls in the oil and cook till golden brown on all sides, turning a few times. Place on paper towels to drain.
To Serve:
Drizzle the egg rolls with chocolate sauce and sprinkle some confectioners’ sugar. Enjoy with some chocolate dipping sauce and/or whipping cream.

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