How to make buttermilk at home

Has it ever happened to you that you are right in the middle of a recipe, everything’s looking great, things are coming out wonderfully and then you suddenly realize that you are short of just one egg or that crucial half a stick or butter in most commonly in my case that ever so important buttermilk? God, its not only frustrating but it happens to me so often that for the longest times I’d just give up trying a recipe if it asked for buttermilk. The real problem is that I also do not know what to do with the rest of the bottle of buttermilk after I’m done using that one cup the recipe asked for. Well, then a good soul suggested I should not give up so easily and instead of using store bought buttermilk, I should just make mine at home when I need. That was one of the life changing moments because from then on there’s no looking back.

Sharing a quick video of how to make buttermilk at home and the measurements are mentioned below. Enjoy this little moment of liberty!


1 cup cool milk

1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar


  1. This actually makes sour milk. It’s a bit acidic (like buttermilk), so it’s a decent substitute in some recipes. However, sour milk doesn’t have the active bacteria cultures that buttermilk has. It won’t work for anything which you’re trying to ferment or let sit overnight, and it doesn’t have quite the same flavor.

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