Falooda {Rose Flavored Indian Dessert Beverage}


Falooda {Rose Flavored Indian Dessert Beverage}

Falooda is a Persian-inspired layered dessert beverage famous in certain parts of India. Though it has quite a number of components, there is no difficult technique involved, so you can easily put it together once you gather all the components.
This rose flavored pretty-in-pink falooda is the perfect treat to savor with your loved one for Valentine’s Day. Fill up a tall fat glass with the falooda, add a couple of straws and spoons, and dig in together!!


Strawberry jelly (Jello or other brand) – 1 small packet (Use strawberry or raspberry flavor for the red color)
Falooda sev (thin broken vermicelli) – 2 oz (around 50-60 gm)
Sabja or tukmaria (Thai holy basil seeds) – 4 tsp
Water – 1-2 cups (or as required)
Chilled milk – 4-6 cups (depends on your glass size)
Rose syrup – 4 tbsp
Vanilla ice cream – 4 scoops
Cashew nuts, almonds and raisins – a small handful (to garnish)


1. Prepare the jelly as per package instructions. Allow to set in the refrigerator. Once set, cut into small cubes and set aside.
2. Prepare falooda sev as per package instructions (it typically needs to be soaked in hot water for a few minutes). Cut the sev into small strands with kitchen scissors to make it easier to eat. Cool and keep aside. Alternately, you can use really thin vermicelli pasta cooked al-dente.
3. Soak the sabja or basil seeds in a cup of warm water. Set aside for 15 minutes so that they swell and become gelatinous. Drain if there is any excess water. Set aside.
4. Combine cold milk and rose syrup in a measuring cup to make rose milk. Set aside.
5. To assemble a glass of falooda, add a few cubes of jelly in a tall, fat glass. Top with 1-2 tbsp of cooked falooda sev. Add a heaped spoonful of the soaked sabja seeds. Gently pour the prepared rose milk to an inch from the top of the glass. Add a scoop of ice cream, some chopped nuts and raisins. Top with more rose syrup if desired. Serve immediately with a straw and long dessert spoon.

1. This recipe makes 4 generous servings.
2. Falooda sev, rose syrup and sabja seeds are readily available at Indian/Asian grocery stores or specialty food stores.

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