DAHI CHEWRA – Fruit, Yogurt & Flattened Rice Parfait

Dahi Chewra

DAHI CHEWRA - Fruit, Yogurt & Flattened Rice Parfait

A traditional no cook dish from Bihar turns chic. Enjoy it for breakfast or as a dessert.


1 Cup Basmati Chiwda
¾ – 1 Cup Yogurt (or as required)
1 cup Mangoes (diced)
1 Cup Strawberries (hulled, washed and chopped or sliced)
2 tbsp mixed Nuts (optional)
Honey / Sugar / Palm Sugar to sweeten the yogurt


Rinse the chiwda twice and then drain excess water using a big sieve or colander. Keep it aside for approximately 2 minutes or till the chiwda is soft. Fluff the chiwda using a fork.
Transfer the chiwda to a mixing bowl and add gently whipped yogurt (adjust the amount).
Meanwhile take the glasses in which you intend to serve the dahi chiwra and start layering as desired. I started with dahi chiwda mix at the bottom and topped it with chopped mangoes. Then, again a layer of dahi chiwda and topped with chopped strawberries. Sprinkle nuts on the top if using.
Note: Feel free to use fruits of your choice.
Note: Add some nuts for texture and some healthy goodness.
Note: Preferably serve it chilled
Note: I drizzled over some strawberry compote and its juices (instead of simple chopped strawberries) over the Dahi Chiwda and it tasted fabulous. Do try it!!

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