Chickoo Kulfi – Sapota Indian Ice Cream

Chickoo Kulfi - Sapota Indian Ice Cream

Here in US we are not that lucky to get all our favorite Indian fruits but now we are starting to get a lot of varieties in food not fresh but frozen like , frozen water chestnut, Jamun, guava and yes chickoo too. I used chikoo to make shakes, Kheer and add in my smoothies. But wanted to used up leftover frozen chikoo bag so made kulfi. I wanted to taste chikoo in it so I didn’t added any other ingredients, just milk , sugar and chikoo pulp but if you like you can add dry fruits, saffron or mix it with other fruits. Its perfect for evening desert. Make it in the morning and it will be ready for your after dinner sweet.


2 cups Heavy cream
1 cup half and half milk
1/2 can condensed milk ( or sugar as per your taste) since we are not boiling this, condescend milk is recommended.
pinch of cardamom powder ( I like the flavor so i added it)
1 cup chickoo pulp ( i used frozen chikoo and thaw it and make a puree with same milk)


Take your frozen or fresh chickoo slices, put it in blender and add little milk in it to make a fine puree.
Add that puree in your milk.
Make sure you done mixing in steel bowl and not in non stick.

Mix both the milk and puree nicely , taste it and then add condensed milk.

Because chikoo is very sweet , you don’t need too much condensed milk but freezing the kulfi take away sugar so always add more sweet than you need it so by the time its ready , its perfect.

Now add cardamom and mix it thoroughly and put it in your kulfi moulds or glasses. My kulfi moulds are coming soon from India so next one will be in that. Till then I am using paper cups and other containers.

Freeze it for good 6-7 hours, if you want to put the stick inside, after 2-3 hours when its semi hard, add ice cream stick in it. and cover it again with aluminum foil.
When you are ready to eat, take it out from mould , and serve it chilled kulfi.

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