Brown Rice Kheer / Pudding


Brown Rice Kheer / Pudding

I love thick varieties of Pudding or kheer as we Indian says. I made this kheer before on trial basis and my hubby loved it so when I was having guest for diner , without much more thinking I made this and it was better from last time, so I have to click it and share it with you all. First of all its healthy , because it has brown rice in it and its not soft like white rice pudding, it has crunch and chewiness in it so it become more tasty. He said I want in fridge for all the time. I said we will see. I used condensed milk for sweetener but you can use regular sugar, brown sugar , date or fig puree. Possibilities are just beyond imagination.


1 cup cooked brown rice (cooked till its 90% done)
1/2 can condensed milk
1 tbsp. cardamom powder
few chopped nuts (raisins, almonds , cashews)
2 cups milk (use almond, soya or coconut milk too, if you want to make vegan)
cherry for garnish (optional)


Heat a thick bottom pan , Add milk in it and wait till it boils.
After first boil, add cooked rice and stir.
when the milk is thickened add condensed milk, cardamom powder and nuts and make sure you keep on stirring so it doesn’t stick on bottom.
When it’s thick enough , take it off the flame and take out in container.
When it’s completely cool, put a lid on top and put it in fridge for good 2-3 hours.
At the time serving, take short glass, pour 3/4 pudding in glass, sprinkle some finely chopped almonds then cheery and enjoy.

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