Punjabi Besan Ki Burfi

Besan Ki Burfi

Punjabi Besan Ki Burfi

An easy, healthier, whole grain based, festive sweet recipe – Dark Chickpea Flour Oats Fudge / Kale Chane Ki Atte Ki Burfi / Punjabi Besan Ki Burfi recipe.

This whole grain based fudge, has the dark chickpea together with the husk ground into flour along with oats in the recipe, bringing in fiber and protein, as also beta-glucans in oats contributing towards the reduction of cholesterol making it healthier.
The kale chane ki atte ki burfi (dark chickpea flour fudge) had a yummy flavor and a very slight chewiness which made it even yummier. The texture was perfect the next day too.

The oats can be replaced with desiccated coconut in the recipe, which would make this a gluten-free. This is also a refined sugar-free recipe.

This is my own recipe composition created based on seven cup burfi I cook.


60 g Whole Kala Chana Flour (½ cup)
40 g Oats (½ cup) I used Scottish Porridge Oats
60 g Roughly chopped mixed nuts – almonds, cashew, pistachios (altogether ½ cup)
50 to 60 g Ghee (½ cup) (for vegan version use coconut butter)
125 milliliters milk (½ cup) (I used organic full-fat milk)
190 g Sugar – I used organic unrefined demerara sugar (1 cup) powdered jaggery or palm sugar can be used instead.
additional slices of pistachio nuts for garnish.


If you get the prep done, the procedure becomes very simple.
First, dry roast the oats on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes. Keep this aside.
Roughly chop the nuts or pulse them in a mixer or food processor jar. Do not make them too powdery. The nuts need to be chopped into small chunks.
Grease a flat plate or flat based wide dish using ghee (or coconut oil for vegan version). Keep this ready.
Now, in a thick bottomed wide pan, add 60 g whole chickpea flour, 40 g dry roasted oats, roughly chopped nuts, 190 g of sugar.
To this add 50 to 60 g ghee, 125 milliliters of milk.
Mix everything well.
Now, place the pan on medium heat. Cook the mixture stirring now and again for 7 to 9 minutes.
As the mixture cooks, it will darken and also bubble up and thicken.
At around 7 to 9 minutes, the mixture will come off the pan easily as you see in the pictures almost forming a ball. If you transfer too soon, the burfi will not set. If you transfer too later, it will harden and spreading it out will not be possible. So watch this stage carefully.
Immediately transfer this mixture onto the greased plate. Spread it out using the back of a ladle or a flat based cup.
Now, while it is still warm, using a sharp knife cut across the mixture as shown in the pictures, repeat from another direction to form squares or diamonds. You may make smaller pieces too.
Place sliced pistachios on each square or diamond portion. Press them down slightly so they stick to the mixture.
All the above need to be completed quickly otherwise the mixture will set and harden, then if an attempt is made to cut through, it will break.
Allow this to cool for 10 minutes to half an hour.
Again run the knife carefully along the previously made depressions, pressing down to cut out the pieces.
this recipe can be vegan if coconut butter is used instead of ghee and almond milk instead of cow’s milk.
chop the nuts roughly and not too powdery for better texture.
cut through the burfi when it is still warm once. but do not separate the pieces. once well set, cut through once again and then separate the pieces.
for vegan version, use coconut butter instead of ghee, almond milk instead of milk.
for gluten-free version use gluten-free oats or desiccated coconut (which need not be roasted)

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