Potato basket chaat

Potato basket chaat

Potato basket chaat is filled with various flavours as sweet, spicy, cruncy etc.. It is crispy from outside and soft from inside. Here I am presenting healthy way of Potato basket ……..


For basket

2 Medium size Potato
1 tsp salt
One table spoon oil


1/4 cup Rajma (Kidney Beans)
1/4 cup Matra (White Peas)
1/4 cup Lobia ( eyebeans )
1/4 cup chola (kabuli chana)

Lemon juice

1 boiled and chopped Potato
Roasted Jeera
Red chili powder
Green chutney
Sweet chutney
Curd (Yogurt)


Chaat masala
Any Namkin
( Pomegranate , coriander leaves)


Soak Rajma, Matra , chola and Lobia overnight. Boiled all in cooker.
Keep it for cool down.
Add Potato and add some salt , 1 tb red chili powder, 1 tb roasted jeera, 1 tb chaat Masala and lemon juice. Mix well.

Preheat oven on 360 Fahrenheit .
Peal the potato and shred the potato into shredder.
Wash well. Drain well.
Add salt and oil . mix well.

Grease muffin pan.
Spread the potato gently.

Keep it for 25 minutes in oven.

Tokris are ready.

Stuffing :-

Add 2-3 table spoon boiled Masala ( as per your taste )
Add 2 table spoon curd, 1 table spoon green chutney, 1 table spoon sweet chutney.
Sprinkle with chaat Masala and Namkin.

Note :-
1) For stuffing you can also use any sprouts , fruits.
2) You can also make it like pizza …by filling cheese and veggies.
3) It is very important to note.
4) For Garnishing, ingredients can be modify as per taste.
Baking time depend on your oven and quantity

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