Mango Lassi Kulfi

Mango Lassi Kulfi

It was a very hot day, feel like eating nothing and just drink and drink and drink. So instead of making lunch, we had Mango lassi , two full glasses. Still had one glass left , everyone was so full , didn’t wanted anyone to finish it up the last glass, so thought why not to make kulfi out of it. So took my new kulfi mould out and pour it in , one glass made three kulfis , it was good to use leftover lassi. We enjoyed it later after the dinner dessert. You can make it only sweet lassi too, just add yogurt, condensed milk, milk, nuts and saffron and blend it and there you have it, sweet lassi and if you like it make it kulfi too. Play with different ingredients like my Pina Colada Lassi and make it kulfi out of it.


1 glass mango lassi leftover , you can make fresh too
Mix milk, yogurt, mango pulp, sugar (if needed) and blend it


Pour this lassi in 3 kulfi moulds and froze it for 4-6 hours.
Once its nicely froze, take it out, rub the mould between your hands, so kulfi will loosen up.
Take it out and enjoy it immediately.

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