Goan Milk Cream/ Milk Fudge (Gluten free)

Goan Milk Cream/ Milk Fudge (Gluten free)

Today I am sharing a traditional Christmas dessert recipe for all my lovely readers. Milk Cream is the name of this wonderfully fudgy sweet/dessert dish especially prepared during Christmas in a Goan Christian home.

I tasted this melt in your mouth kind of milk cream for the first time because of my wonderful friend. I got the recipe for this milk cream also from the same friend. This dessert requires very few basic ingredients along with some patience and loads of love. Prepare this delicious dessert and share the spirit of Christmas with family and friends. Wish you all a white Christmas with these gluten free dainty delicacies.



Milk – 1 liter

Sugar – 450 gm

Cashew nuts -50 gm

Butter- 1 Tbsp.


-Make fine powder of cashew nuts using a mixer.
-In a thick bottomed pan take milk and boil in a low flame till it reduces to half the quantity. Keep stirring the milk so that the milk does not burn.
-To this add sugar and continue stirring till the sugar dissolves completely and the milk thickens further.
Now to this thick mixture add cashew nut powder and keep stirring the mixture continuously so that the milk mixture does not sticks to the bottom of the pan. Once this mixture bubbles at the edges of the pan, it is time to test the readiness of the mixture.
-To test for the readiness of the mixture, take a drop of the mixture and put it on the plate, if the mixture rolls in between your fingers, it’s time to switch off the gas.
-After switching off the gas, add some butter & reserve some to butter the molds.Stir the mixture continuously till it stops boiling.
-Then pour this mixture in the glass bowl. (Why glass bowl?? While molding mixture gets solidified, in that case you can re-heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds and proceed with the molding)
-Close this glass bowl with wet thick kitchen towel and once you can handle the mixture take a mold, apply some butter. Then fill the mixture, shape it.
-While removing, de mold it over a cheese cloth. Leave it overnight or 4 -5 hours for drying.
-Now Goan milk cream is ready to enjoy. Store it in an air tight container.

Note: Trick to get white colored milk cream is to prepare this in very low flame stirring continuously but I tell you end result is worth all the effort you put into the making of the dish.

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    • Layola , Thanks for trying. Usually this sweet becomes light brown ,if cashew is little old stock or if you cook little longer than right consistency.

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