Cracked wheat and spinach chana dal idly

Cracked wheat and spinach chana dal idly

It is different


different taste of idli. ingredients
cracked wheat(thin)-2 cups
spinach-1 bunch
chana dal-1/4 d
mustered seeds-1/2 tsp
red chli-1
curry patta-
green chili-2chopped
salt to taste


wash spinach and chopp it.soak chana dal for 3-4 hours.soak cracked wheat for 1/2 an hour Heat oil in a pan add mustered seeds ,red chili and curry patta. when splutter add spinach and chana dal. saute for few minutes oe when water dry switch off mix cracked wheat and spinach together. add water to make batter like idli batter.steam idli in idli pot. it is ready. do not take idli immedietly leave it for five minutesand then take out….serve with chutney and frie spinach. Fried spianch heat oil in a pan add zeera and salt .now add dry chopped palak it will fry and become is nice to use this palakwith idlies………

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