Black Sesame Seeds Laddoo

Black Sesame Seeds Laddoo

Desserts made with Sesame seeds is a must have during the cold winter days. Whip up this easy to make and nutritious laddoo to add some warmth to your holiday parties. And it goes easy on your palate too.


1 cup black sesame seeds/Til/Ellu
1/4 cup Almonds / Badam
1/4 cup Walnuts
1/4 cup Peanuts
1 tbsp Flax seeds
1 cup grated Jaggery / Gur / Vellam
3 Cardamon pods


In a pan/skillet dry roast black sesame seeds and flax seeds on a medium heat. When more than few sesame crackles and the seed releases its aroma remove from heat. Empty it into a bowl and allow it to cool
In the same pan on a medium heat dry roast Almonds, Walnuts and peanuts separately until the nuts releases its aroma for 30 seconds to a minute. Don’t let the nuts change color. Spread it on a plate/ bowl and allow it to cool
In a mixer/blender combine almonds, walnuts and peanuts and grind to coarse powder. Don’t let the mixie run for more than 5 seconds. Pulse!! Pulse!! Pulse!!
Empty the jar. Now add sesame seeds and grind to coarse powder with the same pulsing technique
Combine crushed black sesame seeds, nuts powder, grated jaggery and cardamon and grind until it combines using the same pulse technique
Empty the jar into a bowl. Take a hand full of the sesame nuts mixture and start rolling it into a ball by gently pressing the mixture (see step wise pictures to get an idea)

If the mixture doesn’t bind into a ball sprinkle luke warm water
You can roast nuts in the oven
Amma says we should wash black sesame seeds and dry (preferably sun dry) it well before roasting. I do both ways
You can substitute black sesame seeds with white sesame seeds. But I like the former. The rich nutty flavor in black sesame cannot be matched by white ones
While buying jaggery choose the the dark brown ones which are “true” unrefined sugar. The lighter ones are bleached using bi-carbonate and/or may contain chemicals

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