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Roti-TacoAfter feeding to her heart and belly’s content the little one nursed herself to sleep. Still nestled in my arms, snuggled tightly against my chest, her hand still tightly gripping on to the pearl pendant, her dad got me as an anniversary gift, she was sound asleep. I was looking down at her warm and cozy self wrapped around me. Nothing in the universe can compare to that heavenly look on a baby’s face with their eyes tight shut and floating in dreamland. Staring at those big curly eyelashes touching her butter smooth cheeks and looking at that button nose, I was saying to myself – motherhood is tough!

Roti-TacoRoti-TacoWait, I meant parenthood is tough. Doesn’t matter if you are a mum, dad, grandparent or a caregiver. Caring for these little creatures is a tough job. Caring for two, is tougher. Caring for two, five years apart and with completely different interests and needs, even tougher! Of course there are perks. Of course there’ s a lollipop and a princess sticker waiting after every doctor’s visit. Like this quiet one, with she burrowed in my arms and I listening to the sound of her breath going up and down like a soft breeze. But then very soon that breeze turns into a storm when the monkey wakes up and the next thing you know, things are going in the toilet, bugs in mouths and crayons all over your white walls (“snow slope” painted to be precise!). You then question the choice of color for the walls which looked absolutely breathtaking in the photographs of that designer mom with four kids (exactly the double of what I have) AND a dog, a speck clean house, with “real life” plants all over and a dashingly dressed husband with gel laden hair.

How on earth does she do that?

Not just being able to convince the husband to put gel on his hair, but everything else.

I hate her right now! But also wanna be her.

Roti-TacoWith all these thoughts in my mind I finally decide to gently get off the bed and carefully place the baby in her crib. Her favorite lion with her name engraved on his chest, a gift from her uncle, was waiting for her, ever so lonely on her crib. Lion takes my place, snuggles with her and they go to sleep. I tip toe to the door, try to close it without making any noise but of course the only time it will make a nasty creaking sound would be now! No damage done though.

Off I go to climb another mountain, dinner!

Normally butterfly gives me company while both of us stand in front of the refrigerator, deciding. Me deciding what will work and she, what will not! Anything involving the keywords fish, quick and “she can help” always wins. Today roti-taco won. Yes roti-taco. As in, a fish taco, dressed in an Indian saree and ornaments. A Singh family favorite. Here’s the recipe:

Roti-TacoSpicy salmon fish Roti- Taco: Serves 3-4

For Roti: Recipe here. Following videos on an easy to follow method to make roti at home can be helpful:

How to knead a roti dough.

How roll dough for roti.

How to cook roti.

For Salmon:

3-4 salmon fillet (skin on)

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

2 teaspoon tikka masala powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon olive oil


Preheat the oven at 350 deg. F.

Mix cayenne, tikka masala powder and salt together.

Evenly sprinkle on the fish.

Heat a cast iron skillet. Skin side down, cook the fish on medium high until the skin leaves the pan, 3-5 minutes. Flip, cook for another minute. Flip back to the skin side and finish cooking in the oven for 3-5 minutes.

Take out. Let it rest a few minutes before serving.


For Mint Yogurt Dressing:

1 cup greek yogurt

1 cup fresh mint (or 1 1/2 teaspoon dried powder)

1 teaspoon roasted cumin powder

1 1/2 teaspoon extra vigin olive oil

salt to taste


Put all the ingredients in a food processor. Blend together on medium speed until the sauce comes together.

Extra add ons for the roti-taco: (This is what I included on my taco. Feel free to play around with your add on per your liking)

Thinly sliced red cabbage (approx 1 cup)

Sliced avocado.

Julienned raddish

Chunky tomato salsa (chopped tomato, onion, cilantro and green chili)

Putting the Roti-Taco together:

Start with one roti, place a few pieces of fish on top. some cabbage, salsa, avocado and then finally a nice drizzle of the yogurt dressing. Enjoy with your favorite beer or soda, chilled!


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