How to knead dough for Roti (Video)

Making roti at home is one of those things which is easiest but at the same time one of the trickiest. As much as it is therapeutic to some, it can prove to be a huge challenge for others who are not used to it. So here I am to tell you that do not let that bowl of aata (wheat flour) and that rolling pin intimidate you. All it takes is a few tricks and techniques (and to be honest a little bit of patience and perseverance) to master this skill. So instead of writing a long list of steps we thought it will be easier if we just share a video where you can see how to make roti in a few easy steps.

But let’s conquer this devil slowly shall we? Let’s divide the process into three main categories and take it one step at a time. First up kneading. Trust me it will be really soothing to feel the flour slipping from under your palms and mixing with water to take shape. Punch that sucker until it gets warm and soft. That’s what makes soft pillowy rotis. My mum always said that if you add just a few tablespoons of milk in the dough while kneading, that will make your roti softer. So watch this video and feel free to ask if you have any questions. Then we will head over to ROLLING.


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