How to cook Roti (Video)

We’ve learned how to transform a bowl of dry flour and water into a beautiful soft dough by learning how to knead dough for roti. Then we also learned the magic of a simple kitchen tool – rolling pin and magically turn that dough into a circular moon (doesn’t matter if the moon still looks like the map of texas on your work station. we will get there, slowly and steadily). The satisfaction of enjoying home cooked, hot roti can not be described (even if it looks like texas!). So let’s finish the tutorial with this last and important step, shall we? How to cook roti.


  1. Hey Prerna

    I usually puff rotis on the tava which doesn’t keep them as soft as puffing over a direct flame. But I have an electric stove like you and the roasting rack looks awesome. Any idea where you can get one or order one in the US? Or did you get it from India?


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