Avocado Mint Pesto

Avocado Mint Pesto
After moving to the US, I got introduced to several new cuisines and flavors. While I immediately fell in love with some, there were a few that I just repelled. I can’t believe I am saying this today, but the taste of avocado was one of them. From its confusing texture, to the smell and taste, there was nothing about this fruit that impressed me. I gave it a few tries but then made peace with the fact that this fruit is just not for me.
Healthy Green Pasta
Then, just like with every winter holiday, we went on a vacation as a family. This time it was a week spent in Mexico. The week that turned out to be one of the most delicious weeks ever. Apart from the breathtakingly gorgeous surroundings and the colorful Mexican culture, it was mainly the food that blew our mind. When on a vacation, we try to experience the cuisine through street food and hole-in-the-wall kind of places. It was at one such roadside vendor that we tried fish tacos. Fresh caught fish in the morning turned into mouth watering tacos by noon. Wrapped in warm handmade tortillas, topped with simple guacamole and a light squirt of lemon juice and you’re set. This was when I, really for the first time, enjoyed avocado and then there was no looking back. Now avocado is one of the must haves on my kitchen counter.
Avocado and Mint

Today I tried to mix avocado with some of my other favorites and turned it into a healthy dinner. A very simple and healthy pesto but loaded with robust flavors. Earthiness from mint and pistachios, a zing from lemon juice, creaminess with avocados and topping it all off with loads of parmesan. It is my go-to dish for weeknight family dinners.

Avocado Mint Pesto Pasta

Like any new food blogger, during those early days I would spend hours staring at my computer screen drooling over some amazing food blogs. Their beautiful writing would make me want to write more from the heart, flawless photography would tempt me to spend more time behind the camera and innovative recipes would take me back to the kitchen and play around more. Many such food blogs became my daily companions and slowly their authors became great friends. One such friend is Sia of Monsoon Spice.

Avocado Mint Pasta

Recently, Sia with her family, decided to make some changes in her life. They decided to wrap up the home they created in a foreign land and decided to move back to where they came from. They left England, their son’s birthplace and went back to India, their own birthplace. Closer to family and the streets she grew up in. So while she was busy unpacking I thought I’ll cook something for her. So to check out the recipe for this refreshing light pesto please head over to Sia’s blog and while you are there, look around and you are in for a treat!


  1. This is a great recipe and is very tasty. Also, you did a wonderful job on your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. hey prerna love all your recipes and whats in her lunch column.. I haven’t seen any recent entries on her. are you taking some time off. thanks for all you inspiration and wonderful stories

  3. Hi
    I’m a fan of your blog and want to say I love the objective form to write your texts.
    Your posts have been of great importance to me and I always come back here for new information.
    Congratulations for the work and wish you luck and success. Thanks for sharing all this with us.

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  5. Looks super delicious…I love Avocados..I normally use up the avocados by making Guacamole. Next time, I would definitely try this..Thanks for the recipe..I am a new blogger. Pls visit my space when you find time..

  6. Prerna, I know I am way too late to thank you for your generous gesture and the wonderful guest post! My life has become so busy in the past few weeks that I feel soon I might forget my own name while juggling with hundred and one thing at the same time 🙂 My sincere thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to share the recipe with beautiful photographs in my virtual kitchen at the time when I am finding it difficult to even cook a decent meal for my family. Your post is a real inspiration for me to take control of our lives and find joy in simple things of life. so, thanks my friend!

  7. I am having guests this Saturday and I know what to serve with crackers. I was brain storming to find something easy and fun to serve with crackers. Thank you so much. You rock.

  8. i loved avocado the very first time i had it which was also after i moved to US..and theres no looking back. this pesto sounds divine..now heading over to Sias blog.

    • We spread it on slices of toasted baguettes to go with wine, works great as dips and ofcourse with pasta or as my MIL does, mixed with dough to make soft parathas.

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