Chai and A Giveaway


Summer afternoons would be commonly spent with the uncles crowded around the television watching cricket matches and aunties busy in the kitchen gossiping and sending out pots and pots of chai and glucose biscuits. We kids would only get to eat the biscuits. On a lucky day, a kind aunty would fry us some samosas or pakoras. But chai? Nope! “Kids don’t drink chai” mummy would reply with a gentle tap on the back of our head. That’s the memory that chai brings for me or sometimes it takes me back to those monsoons.
The ones where we would be sitting under a tin shade in front of the tea stall outside our college building. Rain would be pouring and we would all be half drenched in water, shivering with cold. A glass of hot masala chai tucked tightly between our palms, breathing in the aroma of cardamom and ginger we would slowly be sipping away that chai warming ourselves from inside. Chemistry practicals, latest fashion, secret crushes and disastrous dates, everything would be discussed over “one cutting” (a term commonly referred to half a cup of chai in India). For Indians chai isn’t just a beverage; it’s also a way of cherishing the simple things in life, and an excuse to bring people together and celebrate the present.


Chai commonly served in Indian homes is not as milky as the ones you find at the coffee shops across North America, popularly known as “chai tea” or “chai latte”. There’s an interesting article Manisha Pandit wrote on chai and titled it as “Drop the Tea; its already there in your Chai“. This post made me giggle and talks about a few misconceptions people have about their greatly loved Indian chai. Give it a read!
Masala chai is an essential part of life in India, where having a cup or two (or maybe three) of chai in the morning is akin to brushing your teeth every day. I still think there is still no “recipe” to a right chai masala, in order to make a masala chai. Chai masala, Masala chai?! Confused? Well, Chai masala is a blend of spices used to make a spiced tea which is called Masala chai in Hindi.
The spice preference in a masala chai recipe varies from family to family and from person to person, but some of the most common spices used in a masala chai are ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper and nutmeg. Either mix all these spices in equal quantity, adjust the amount according to your taste or just pick a few of your choice. I personally like mine with ginger only and sometimes with cardamom. Towards the end of this blog post I have shared a recipe to my favorite Ginger and Cardamom Chai. 

But before that I have to tell you about a company called Gitadini. Its a small company started by a husband wife duo who design and sell original housewares, home decor and furnishings. As a food blogger you are approached by companies and brands on a daily basis with offers to try their product and talk about them. I am normally very hesitant at saying yes because I have a strict set of rules that I follow, one of which being not talking to my readers about things that I don’t stand behind 100%. So a couple of months back when nice people at Gitadini approached me you might understand why I was reluctant. After being assured that there’s no commitment I agreed to try their product. I tried, tested and have been using them for the past two months and I think now I am at a place where I can say that yes I am happy with all the products.

Along with home decor and furnishing, Gitadini also has a small but interesting line of kitchenware. I was impressed by their modern take on the traditional Indian kitchen quintessential and also at their usability. I made sure I used all the products enough before I talk about them. I can say by their usability that it shows it has been designed by someone who has been in and around Indian kitchen for a while. I personally loved the ones displayed here in this post.


Gitadini was kind enough to giveaway any featured product of their choice to one lucky reader of Indian Simmer. In the comments section below please tell me which product you would want to try. Choose from Rotito Rolling Board Set,  Medium Saucepan or Yin Yang Storage Bin. This giveaway is open till April 1st 11:59 pm PST. On April 2nd I will randomly select a winner and announce on the blog.


Alright lets get to the recipe for Ginger Cardamom Chai, the kind that I make in my kitchen.

Ingredients: serves 4
3 cups water
3/4 cup milk (whole or 2%)
3 teaspoons loose darjeeling black tea (or can also use 3-4 black tea bags)
4-5 teaspoons sugar (the family prefers dark brown sugar and I like honey.)
3/4-1 tablespoon tablespoon fresh grated or crushed ginger
2 smashed cardamom pods

In a medium sized saucepan heat water on stove top.
Add sugar and tea. Let the water come to a boil. Then turn the heat to medium and add milk.
Let it cook for 3-5 minutes or until the white froth of milk on top settles down.
Add ginger and cardamom. Cover the saucepan with a tight lid, turn the heat off and let the flavors steep into the chai for 3-5 minutes
Using a strainer strain out the tea, ginger and cardamom out of your chai.
Transfer into tea cups and serve steaming hot with some glucose biscuits!

Entry to this giveaway has been closed.


  1. I think good is one of the best and excellent options to manage healt. Such as also Butter Chicken tandoori Pizza is another example of perfect fusion of Indian and Italian recipes and ingredients. So these things brings changing in the body.

  2. Be it a simple chai or an elaborate dish, your recipes and posts are always a delight.Would love to win the saucepan 🙂

  3. Aaah new layout is there n looks like I am visiting your place after long time… it looks beautiful. The color of banner n the design, very inviting.

    Gitadini, hearing lot about it lately through bloggers. Would love to browse thru their products and in case if I win, would like to have a spice box!

  4. I love all three, but the medium saucepan with the built in strainer reminds me of something I saw in a museum and thought, “I really need one of those. I wonder if someone clever still makes them?”

  5. Rotito Rolling Board Set would be great, Can’t wait to make this chai, sounds much simpler than my usual recipe

  6. Wow so tempting Masala chai is my most favorite one! Wow amazing giveaway!!! Loved it all 🙂 Would like to win!!!!I am currently in the US.Would like to get masala spice box 🙂

  7. Your blog reminds me so much of my mom and my house growing up, I love it!
    Tea time is one of my favorite times of the day, thanks for sharing this!
    A medium sauce pan would be great 🙂

  8. Makes me want to have a cup of chai right now! I love the ying yang spice storage set. Such a pleasant design and will look much better than my circular one.

  9. Came to know about this blog as one of the best indian food blogs…
    Nice chai…I love all the products but the best is the rotito rolling board set….

  10. Looks great! There are so many variations to chai. Be sure to check out the cheesy garlic bread I have posted, I love the salt-sweet combination as a snack to go along chai…so good!

    xo Vinni @ masala & missoni

  11. Wonderful post and even more wonderful products…I thought such eye candy was available only abroad…I love the storage box for its unique shape and larger capacity than an ordinary masala dabba…Just the thing to add zing to my kitchen!

  12. Came across your blog today & have been awestruck ever since. I live in India, but have a US address where things can get shipped to! Yay! I love the Yin yang storage bin & the saucepan. But I think the 2-Quart Medium Saucepan is what I’d end up really using I think! Once again, love your blog!

  13. Thanks Prerna for creating such a beautiful blog. I have just returned from India after visiting my family and as you well know, Chai is the most and sometimes the critical part of all social interactions there. And the generous giveaway drives it home so beautifully.
    I would love the medium saucepan, after all who can say no to a spicy simmered chai straight from the pan.

  14. Chai time is the most awaited time of the day. I have a friend here and we both love to have our masala chai with some monaco biscuits and chat up for hours, pouring out more cups of tea…I am planning to try out your peach gujiyas with figs for Holi. Love your recipes. I guess this giveaway is only for US residents, if not, I’d love that ying yang spice bin !

  15. I am a first time visitor – so happy to see your chai recipe – my bff is indian and she introduced me to chai many years ago and I love it.

  16. I love, love, love your new cookbook!!! All I can say is that I am so thrilled that you finally wrote a cook book and I can not wait for more books to come.
    Your recipes have made my first year of marriage a breeze when it came to cooking in the kitchen as I use your reciepes from your blog to make amazing dishes. So thank you!
    If I had to choose one of the give aways, I would propbably choose the sauce pan with strainer as I make Masala tea everyday. I can’t wait to try your recipe on your blog for your Chai tea. Thank you!!

  17. Thank you for the delicious recipe that I have successfully made twice by now…love the aroma of cardamom and the warmth it renders to chai…

    As for the generous giveaway– I’d love to try the medium saucepan. I can imagine how many delicious curries and dahls I could make in it!

  18. Whether I win it or not, I’d love to have any of the products mentioned above. But, my special favorite is the YinYang Storage Box. Oh! Gosh! I’m drooling over it…. 🙂 Please let me know how to procure it any which way!

  19. I stumbled upon your blog …simply just like that …n guess what..I loved your chai presentation…the chalk board with ingredients were one of the favorites…as I was browsing n rolling along with your masala chai.. The rolling pin caught my eye..n I said..ooooo that’s stylish…n then I saw the yin yan..masala box…
    Trust me gitadini is my next website browse after yours…you have added a new follower today..ardently following you,,,ambika..a foodie who love to eat n drool at recipes n kitchen shows…

  20. I would love to have the YinYang storage box so that I could store more spices than the usual chili, turmeric, coriander powder, etc; it would be great to also have easily at hand whole garam masala — cardamom, clove, cinnamon — peppercorns, and more dals for seasoning South Indian dishes.

  21. Cannot imagine my life without Chai. I make mine with lots of Ginger, Cloves and Pepper. It has cured many a headaches for me. The saucepan looks like a good sized pan for my chai and the Yin Yang Spice bin a second favorite to store all my spices.

  22. What a hard choice! I think the rolling board set would be my first choice. Very very clever. I like the straining pot as well.

  23. Ginger-elachi tea is my fav to drink on the weekends. My mom had me try kali-mirch tea & that was really good too. Since I am still learning how to make good soft rotis like my mom i think that set would get used alot in my house. Thanks.

  24. Thank you for the beautiful capture of the most famous beverage from east ! I can share it with my friends now 🙂

    And a wonderful introduction to GitaDini products. I would love to try the medium saucepan as it is much needed in my house. As I use this product I’m likely to order the storage bin as gifts this year 🙂

  25. i know I would have fun with this prize pack! mmmmm, chai tea right about now sounds SO good! I miss a good cup of it and have spent the past two years desperately seeking someone who knew how to make it! Keep up the good work, love the recipes

  26. Chai and Parle-G biscuits or Marie or Nice or Khari, oh my! so many options with just one cup chai!
    The saucepan looks so good! I can think of making not just chai, but also ghee in it.

  27. Ah Chai! And considering I’m a ‘tea’-totaller, I felt nostalgic thinking about the warm little beverage that I just had a couple of hours ago! 🙂

    A sauce pan with a little strainer is nice to have I guess! 🙂

  28. Loved reading your post. I didn’t know that you are giving away the storage bin and thought I will ask you about it. I was impatient and thought about it the moment I saw the picture. I am also a ginger tea person. Too many spice is not for me. May be I am yet to try the best masala tea.

    I would love to have the spice storage bin.

  29. Oh what a lovely post. I am such a chai lover myself, this is refreshing, especially those memories from back home, we dwell on those things, don’t we? I love the idea of this giveaway, I would make use of the medium saucepan.. would make a lovely cup of chai 🙂

  30. You just took me back to my parents house…. a thermos of hot tea is always on table… my mom still says that tea addiction is better than fast food or sugar addiction n honestly I can never deny. ..
    Im too loving the storage dabba…. really chic designs
    My fingers are crossed. . Anything will be just great if I win. ..

  31. i would love that sauce pan 🙂 my parents never let me chai either but in college-it was our way to get together and I am ‘adult’ enough to share it with parents and its always precious. Loved this post. Heading over to read another chai article you mentioned.

  32. Would love love the medium saucepan. I did buy a copy of your slow cooker book and it was treat Prerna! Tried the chana dal with the paneer. Cannot wait to try a few more of them. Thanks a bunch for the recipes.
    Namrata Naidu

  33. Prerna,

    I can picture myself sitting and sipping away at some masala chai tea..
    Can I also apply for the giveaway 😉 that saucepan is awesome.


  34. How wonderful, so soothing just to look at let alone imbibe. Chai masala, Masala chai?! Confused no more! Thank you.

    Isn’t that straining pot just the cleverest thing.

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  35. i loved the way you pictured for them…cup of chai is indian fav 🙂
    i would love to go for yin yan storage bin for one reason – My spices are tasty but they will look more beautiful stored in them 😉

  36. Dear Prerna,

    thank you so much for this lovely post reviewing our GitaDini products. What beautiful pictures! It is amazing to read all these positive comments about our products, we feel very blessed! Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway. We’ll be hosting a special Holi Flash Sale next week and an Easter giveaway. If you are interested, follow us on Facebook for more details:


  37. I would like the medium sauce pan, mostly because I struggle making my own tea and then straining it properly. I really do emjoy reading your post, I’m glad I found you,

  38. I always follow your posts with pleasure and I can not give a comment today with these beautiful products you offer =). I like very much Rotito Rolling Board Set, it would be nice to have a chance ‘to prove it! See you soon and sorry my english!

  39. yet another unexpected post 🙂 well will you be interested in sending the giveaway to UK 😉 :P. I loved that Yin yang spice box.. I think a must have in my kitchen is always a spice box…

  40. oooh I have been eyeing that rotito chappati rolling board set! I use and enjoy the Gitadini saucepan and can attest that it is indeed thoughtfully designed. I reach for it often 🙂 Your writing always instantly transports me into your home!

  41. Every time I read your post, I feel like I am back home 🙂 Lovely products and very thoughtfully designed! Very difficult to pick which one I would love to win, but since I have to pick one, it would be the spice storage box 🙂

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