Quick Stir Fried Peas And Carrots- In Her Lunchbox

Stir fried carrots and peas

I have literally been running between birthday parties, doctor’s appointments and lunch dates that I almost forgot to share my this week’s lunchbox plan with you. And now its Halloween today! So before I run to the potluck party at the butterfly’s school let me share a quick recipe and my plan for the week. Sorry I am not sharing any spooky Halloween recipe with you instead sharing a simple recipe for stir fried peas and carrots.

Lunch Box recipe

Like the last one this recipe again is my rescue lunchbox recipe. Remember those morning when you open your eyes in horror realizing you forgot to set up the alarm the night before, the clock says its 7:00 am and the kids need to be out of the door in 45 minutes? Yes, this recipe is for those days just to make your morning a tad bit easier. For such days I always keep packets of frozen peas, carrots, sweet corn, beans or a medley of all or couple of them in my freezer. Just heat up the oil, temper a couple spices, throw in the veggies, cook for a few minutes and done! Pack the lunch with some bread, boiled eggs, maybe a fruit and you are set.


In case you do not have the convenience of just grabbing a couple packets of frozen veggies then you can always prep up the veggies at your leisure. Steam them or blanch them, cool down and then store in the freezer for the busier days. Keeping this post very quick and coming straight to the recipe. Oh, and Happy Halloween!


1 cup frozen peas and carrots medley (thawed) – I just drop frozen veggies in room temperature water and it thaws in a minute.
1 teaspoon cumin seeds (can use mustard, fennel)
1 1/2 teaspoon olive oil
Salt to taste
1 tablespoon grated dried coconut (optional)

Heat oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds. As they sputter add peas and carrots. Give a quick stir. Add salt. Stir again.
Cook until the veggies are heated well. For about a couple minutes.
Throw in the coconut. Give a quick stir and done!

Here’s what I am sending “In Her Lunchbox” this week:
Crustless Mini QuicheI am just in live with the make ahead quiches now! They serve as a great wholesome meal, they taste delicious and I can make them with the little one when both of us have time that in turn makes her more interested to try the dish.
Indian Stir Fried Noodles– She calls it “Breakfast Pasta”. She likes it plain with no veggies added to it so I have to usually add a side of veggies but you can always stir fry the veggies with the vermicilli.
Juicy Chicken Meatballs by Rasa Malaysia or another version here at Ginger Garlic Meatballs by Simple Reem– Both the recipes are not very different from each other. Both are juicy and delicious, just the butterfly is a little partial to the ones with green peas. With Reem’s suggestion I prepare and freeze the meatballs for 2-3 days and bake the morning I want to pack it for lunch.
Quinoa Pilaf by Pure Vegetarian– Another great idea for a wholesome meal.


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  2. Hi Prerna,

    Please could you suggest any bland recipes without spices or fat for first trimester in pregnancy.

  3. I am totally impressed! If I could get my son to eat peas and carrots for lunch I would be absolutely delighted. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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