Winners- Indian Food Palooza

First of all I am so sorry for this delayed post. As I must have ranted at many other occasions, time is really something I am running short of lately. Its been- all work and no play, kind of a scenario these days. But all this, so that I finish all the boring stuff soon and get back to fun ASAP! So please bear with me and I will be back to you and my blog real soon.

Other than this, something that really pushed me off the hook yesterday was this post which I worked on putting up for you guys. I scheduled a timed post so that you can see it on time even if I get busy and can’t attend to it. This morning I woke up hoping to see emails from the winners and the other participants but all I found was a no show! Not only was the post not published but it was no where to be found in my drafts. So, PLEASE pull your stuff together and step up your game!

Stones in my backyard

Alright, so now that the rant part if over lets get to the good news shall we? When I, Kathy and Barbara were planning this event Indian Food Palooza, we never imagined that you will welcome it with such open arms. You and your recipes proved the event to be a great success and all of us want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are inspiring me to bring a bigger and grander event next time, so stay tuned!


Entries to Indian Food Palooza were closed on March 31st and then on April 1st we chose five lucky winners via The list below in no chronological order and is not on the basis of any merit but purely random. And the winners are…

Madhur Recipe’s – Mixed Vegetable Curry in Coconut Milk Sauce- Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour

Kitchen Kemistry– Tangdi Kabab- Tropical Traditions Coconut Flakes

Spices And Aroma– Omelet Kozhambhu- Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

Sunshine And Smile– Khandvi- Set of Indian Spices from My Spice Sage.

50 Recipes in 2012– Stuffed Eggplant-  J.K. Adams artisan maple cutting board from Creative Culinary

Congratulations you guys! Please contact either me, Kathy or Barbara via email with your postal addresses and then we can go from there.


  1. Congrats to all the winners ! So glad that I could be a part of it. Looking forward to your new event, sure it will be fun too 🙂 Lovely pics, Prerna

  2. Prernaaaa .. SO excited to be a part of the winning team 🙂 🙂 YAY YAY!! 😀
    btw, love all the photos .. and the second photo is my fav!

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