Frog’s Leap

A few weeks back a very dear friend of mine was visiting California. With another lovely friend of ours we went for a day trip to Napa. It was a beautiful day, everything was perfect and we together had a fabulous time but a part of me was sulking through out the day. Why? Because I forgot to bring my camera with me and if you are a blogger then you know that in a blogger’s world that is a crime! Then my friend decides to take us to a winery which turned out to be THE most gorgeous and peaceful place I had been to in a while. I sulked more!
Going back to Frog’s Leap again went straight to the top on my to-do list. That’s what we did this Thanksgiving. We took a trip to Napa with family and some close friends. This time I slept with my camera a night before we were supposed to go, making sure I don’t commit the same “crime” again. So sharing some photos I took at Frog’s Leap Winery.


And finally this cute little guy who I was seriously hoping not to miss and I didn’t. He was still there lounging on his chair by the fireplace. This photograph makes me so sleepy.

Oh, and I did not forget about the giveaway. The winner is Lynn. Congratulations!
Please send me an email with your address and your choice of one of Martha Stewart Professional Cookware item.


  1. Wow, the colours of California captured so beautifully!. The sun and the weather makes it a perfect place to go visiting!.
    Whatever little I saw of California, I loved it.

  2. Lovely pics!!! I visited Napa a few months ago!! I can only imagine how ur first visit without the camera went. I went with a few friends who r neither bloggers nor photographers. I felt a little anti-social going by myself n taking pics.. My friends came up with a few jokes abt me n my camera Good times!

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