400 Best Sandwich Recipes Book Giveaway and Winners

Before I say anything else I first owe you a huge apology. This post should have come on Saturday but I never realized before how busy festivals, specially a festival like Halloween gets with a toddler at home. Driving her to a party, then driving back from the party, picking costumes for her and for the rest of us “not so important people”, trick or treating and then after party- those were some busy busy past three days. I am still sleep deprived and heavily caffeinated but its fun to be running around with a camera even though your lady bug couldn’t see anything beyond candies and pumpkins. So moral of the story is that I got very busy and couldn’t come to you with the post that I had promised and I apologize. But I am hoping that the giveaway I have come with today will be able to make up for that.


I have said this before and I am sure many of you bloggers out there share the same feeling, that the best part of blogging is the people you come in touch with through it. You get to know people whom you never would have known before if it was not because of the blog that you write. There are some bloggers who even though live oceans apart from me and I have never met before but still have become such close friends of mine. Then there are some people who I first met face to face before even knowing that we belonged to the same blogging community.


Californian Sandwich

Alison Lewis is one such friend. I met Alison a little over an year back while I was attending my first food conference. I had recently started as a food blogger and did not know a thing about it. No one knew Indian Simmer, let alone Prerna Singh. That conference was my first introduction to the blogging community. I remember sitting at a table having lunch with a few fellow bloggers and in came Alison looking for a friend sitting with us. We started talking and slowly I got to know more about her career as a recipe developer, magazine and internet journalist and the owner of Ingredients, Inc. At the time she was working on her first cookbook and that really intrigued me because she was the first cookbook author I was talking to. When you talk to her you will agree that she is one of the most down to earth, true to herself and simple woman. It has been more than a year and Alison has reached greater heights since then but she is still the same simple, easy going and my “go-to” person for any food writing/blogging advice.


Strawberry and Mascarpone Sandwich

Her first book 400 Best Sandwich Recipes- From Classics & Burgers to Wraps & Condiments was launched a few months back. I was in the middle of a move and settling down at a new place when I got my copy in mail. That UPS delivery that day made me very happy, not just because this was my friend’s first cookbook but because I could see Alison Lewis in the book. She is all about developing simple yet exotic and healthy yet likeable recipes that all of us can make in our kitchen with easily accessible ingredients. 400 Best Sandwich Recipes makes that possible for you.


Prepping to make Mu Shu Chicken Sandwich

If you like sandwiches then you HAVE to have this book and if you do not then beware because after this you might start liking them! This cookbook has recipes for all kinds of sandwiches from breakfast sandwich to lunch boxes, classics to regional and from wraps to international sandwiches like Steak Chimichurri Sandwich & Mu Shu Chicken sandwich which has become my latest obsession. You can find more than 20 ways to make a cheese sandwich and the dessert section is outrageously yummy. I just wish there were more photos in the book too but that is just the visual person in me speaking! All in all its a great book and I have been cooking a lot with it lately.
You should definitely add this one to your cookbook collection and to make that a little easier I have a copy for you today. I am giving away a copy of 400 Best sandwich Recipes on my blog. All you have to do is post a comment below and tell me about your favorite kind of sandwich.
Entries to this giveaway are open till Sunday, November 6th. Winners will be announced on my Monday, November 7th post. This giveaway is open to only the residents of USA.

Now winners of the Shutterfly giveaway are-
Sarah L
Congratulations guys! Please send me an email at indiansimmer[at]gmail[dot]com so that I can send you your free coupons.


  1. My favourite is Spinach and Corn Panini…hmm even now my mouth is watering…and i love experimenting wid maKing them…This BooK will surely add Fun to mu cooVing…Thanx in advance 😀

  2. Alisons sandwich is making me hungry at the moment. Sandwiches are always filling. My fav is chicken philly sandwich. Thanks for the giveaway coupons. I shall send an email prerna.

  3. Hi Prerna. I’m new to your blog but have looked at quite a lot of wonderful posts, photos, recipes, tips & moments of life that you’ve shared.

    As for this post, well my favorite is ‘Russian Sandwich’ from Indani’s cookbook (I don’t know what’s so Russian about it & if it really is, hehe, but it’s good) …

    Congrats to your friend – seems like a great book, it’s like more than 1 new kind of sandwich each day of the year … talk about variety!!!

  4. I think panini maker is my best investment so far in US 🙂 Loved the crispy desi paneer & onion sandwiches that come out of it.This book sounds lovely & I really really loved the pictures & styling of the sandwiches you made..especially the california one.

  5. I am very happy to read your articles it’s very useful for me,and I am completely satisfied with your website.All comments and articles are very useful and very good.
    Your blog is very attention-grabbing. I am loving all of the in turn you are sharing with each one!…

  6. I LOVE sandwiches and find it too difficult to pick a favorite–but one I’ve been eating lately, out of sheer convenience is a spin-off of pb&j. Peanut butter, dijon mustard, and apricot jam mixed together, with thin slices of apple or pear piled on cinnamon raisin bread with fresh spinach. Sounds odd, but it tastes delicious!

  7. Lately I learnt about the ‘Muffaletta Sandwich’ with Provolone cheese and Olive Salad. From the time I made it at culinary arts class, I like the taste of it.

    If you Google, many search results say.”Is the best sandwich in America the muffaletta?”.

    I had the vegetarian version of it, check it out.

    When I get a chance to visit New Orleans I have marked down to go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Grocery.
    References says that this Sandwich was invented here and the Muffuletta was only locally known until the late 1960s. Now, it has international fame.

  8. Isn’t Alison’s sandwich book fabulous! I have used it many times already and have loved everything we’ve eaten. Wonderful review Prerna! Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  9. Though not very interesting, I’d say that my favorite sandwiches are ones that stand the test of time: grilled cheese, BLT and PB&J.

  10. You have a lovely blog with dome amazing pictures. But I was extremely disappointed with your last post.

    If you used ghee in your kathli, how dies that make it vegan? It is like saying someone makes a cake with eggs, then titles it eggless cake and says use a egg substitute in the ingredient list.

    Proclaim a recipe is vegan if you made it vegan. Stop misleading readers. I read blogs to know bloggers experiences with a particular recipe, including substitutions they made.

    Please treat this as positive feedback from a non-blogger reader, your blogging buddies will never give you honest opinions. Thanks.

  11. I love sandwiches (doesn’t everybody!) and my fav is ‘Bombay’ sandwich, the one you get on streets where the bhaiya has Wibs bread and Amul butter ined up. he slices like an ace and the ‘tikha’ chutney and ‘tamatar’ sauce!

  12. My favorite sandwich is the regular butter, salt, pepper, sliced tomato,cucumber, n a tinge of sugar sandwich…I feel its easy,quick n yummy with a busy course schedule at school n no time to cook a complete meal…
    BTW the strawberry sandwich in your pictures looks real tempting !! :p

  13. My absolute favorite sandwich is a “Reuben.” The buttery, toasted bread (I prefer pumpernickel), the sauerkraut, the melted swiss, special sauce and, of course, a mile high stack of juicy corned beef! YUM!

    Oh my, my mouth is watering! I want one right now!!

  14. My absolute favorite sandwich is grilled brie and goat cheese on rye with garam masala and rosemary roasted buttenut sqush, apple or cranberry brandy gastrique, curry dijon, and basil and arugula on rye. I absolutely love it and it has got to be the highlight of nights where I don’t need to worry about dinner for my husband. It also translates into a pretty nice flatbread 🙂

  15. My family eats sandwiches of Lebanon bologna, onions, mustard and peanut butter. I’ve never found anyone else who can stomach them. My own favorite is Canadian bacon and roasted red peppers.

  16. I recently found your blog and going through the archives is taking up most of my time these days. Great job you are doing there, Prerna. Well, me and husband have different tastes so mostly all our sandwiches fall in the ‘make your own’ category. This book would definitely be a source of many such dinner nights!

  17. Hello there, who doesn’t love sandwiches??
    One of my favourites is feta stuffed meatballs with Cyprian bread and vegetables!

  18. I’m a huge fan of sandwiches.. me and my husband find sandwiches as comfort food… my favorite sandwich of all times is a “paneer” grilled sandwich with some spinach and lettuce.. I can have it in breakfast lunch or dinner.. especially the “homemade paneer” ones.. We often substitute it with tofu nowadays but you cant replace it.. 🙂

  19. It looks like a great book! My favorite kind of sandwich is probably your basic grilled cheese but with fresh tomatoes . . . and mushrooms. Or maybe a really good Philly steak sandwich loaded with mushrooms and green peppers–I can’t decide!

  20. There’s nothing better in the summer than a BLT! The best parts of being a Midwesterner are access to freshly slaughtered pork and the ability to shamelessly embrace the “bigger is better” mantra. The sandwich has to start with thick slices of Italian-style bread (toasted of course!) and slathered with homemade butter and a generous dollop of Miracle Whip. Next, add the guiltless parts: from-the-garden slices of heirloom tomatoes and crisp romaine lettuce. Finally, “dust” the sandwich with a half-pound of fresh, crisp, thick-cut peppered bacon. Assemble, and if you can still fit it in your mouth, add more bacon!

    In the end, just three simple ingredients, but a magical combination that tastes like summer!

  21. I love all grilled vegetable sandwiches and I’m sure I’ll find a recipe for it on the book! Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaways, lovely photos on this post!

  22. I like to mix finely chopped salad (lettuce,onions, tomato,green and red bell peppers, apples) with home made white sauce or thick greek yogurt and layer it inside the bread.
    Love your pictures and more so that you are taking time to pursue what is now your passion, that too with a 2 year old at home. In the process, you are creating a legecy for her. Huge inspiration. Hugs

  23. Mediterranean sandwiches are my favourite …….also one with perfectly roasted green peppers & onions , some cheese & fresh tomatoes…….yum .

  24. I love sandwiches! My favorite is deli roast beef on toasted whole-grain bread, with a slice of nutty havarti and a generous spread of hummus. Sliced fresh tomatoes and a pickle on the side so the bread stays crisp. YUM!

  25. Who doesn’t love Alison? She might be the sweetest woman ever. And so talented. Of course, I could say the same for you. I’m glad Halloween went well for you. Holidays get crazy when you have kids. I have been meaning to get this cookbook for a while, but I’ve been on a cookbook “diet”. So, maybe I can win this one and sneak it on the bookshelf without the hubby noticing. Favorite sandwich? BLT.

  26. I will always have a fondness for cheese and lettuce sandwiches — I ate millions of them as a poor university student studying overseas in Scotland.

  27. Thank you so much for featuring my book! I am so honored and thrilled to have met you last year. I hope you will continue to come to me for advice and ask me anything anytime. I would love to take a cooking class from you one day to teach me Indian cooking. Thank you again! Alison

  28. I love sandwich with Mediterranean flavors and hot paninis as well. :-). am sure this book will give me more ideas for inspiration.


  29. Hi Prerna, I always like grilled sandwich and rustic bread is a must. I love roasted bell peppers, eggplant…. those are good one. But I also like classic club too… I can’t believe there are 400 sandwich recipes. I’m so interested to see all the creative recipes in there!

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