Rabdi infused with saffron over summer berries

Summer berries with rabdi.

A couple months back we moved to this town in the suburbs of San Francisco. California was the first place we called home after I and the husband got married. We started with a small one bedroom apartment that had these huge windows with tall sheer white curtains and a stream running outside, just a few feet away from our patio. We made so many memories with this place and so many friends here before moving to a different part of the country. We lived there longer than we did in California but I always felt this place was home and I knew I will come back. And I did!

Now we are here again, closer to the places we loved and also discovering new places that we never knew existed. One such place that I discovered and I am so glad I did is this cute little farm blocks away from our new place. It’s a tiny little farm, nothing fancy, run by a cute little family. They grow seasonal fruits and vegetables and sell it right outside their gate by the street under a small shade. And that fruit stand is like a godsend to me. I mean where else can you just drive up, ask the fruit seller for cherries and he steps into the farm, picks some straight off the tree and hands them to you? Taste of the produce increases manifold when it is still warm with the hot sun falling on the tree. To be honest, I never knew that peaches can be so juicy, plum and peachy!

Fresh berries from the farm

These days the farm is loaded with fresh berries and so is my refrigerator and fruit basket. Bonus, the little one is crazy about them too. She can have them all day long seven days a week and still won’t get bored. So the perks of trying something new and just throwing berries in it are even more. And I have come to realize that berries make everything taste good. And when you add it to something as good as a rabdi then I can’t even tell you how good the result is!


When you cook sweetened milk at low temperature until it thickens to a creamy and rich texture, it becomes rabdi. To step it up a notch and to add another layer of flavor and aroma, cardamom powder or saffron is added. This is a hugely popular dessert in India and is usually accompanied with rasgulla (cheese balls cooked in a sugar syrup), jalebi or eaten as is.Β  A friend once told me how they add clementine wedges to it. So I started adding any fruit that had a bit of a tang to it and I have to say berries work best. It is rich and creamy, and saffron gives it the perfect warmth. The best part is that its super easy to make.

How easy you ask? Find out at the merry gorumet. A beautiful blog by my friend Merry-Jennifer. She is right now with her friend Jennifer Perillo who is hurting . The moment she learned that her Jennie is in pain Merry-Jennifer did what friends do, she packed her bags and flew to comfort her. Merry-Jennifer asked if I could fill in for her in the meantime and I said yes. So please head over to the blog of this wonderful person where I am proud to be guest posting!


  1. Beautiful pic! I’ve never heard the word rabdi before. Maybe it’s something else in gujarati? Love the raspberries tumbling out of a wine glass…looks awesome.

  2. Prerna – I am long time follower, but first time commenter.
    As you probably know already, your blog is fantastic! I absolutely love it πŸ™‚
    I have been meaning to ask you for a long time: I love the plates in the first shot. Where did you get them?

  3. Mmmmm….. you are truly lucky to be living where you are; it is on my wish list for places to settle! And the berries are absolutely gorgeous as is this saffron-infused sauce. This is the perfect dessert with an exotic twist!

  4. Wow guys, you all are awesome or what?! Thanks so much for your kind words πŸ™‚
    @Satrupa, @Nishi, @Shirley, @Christine Guys, its high time you try it! Radbi is one Indian dessert you HAVE to try if yo love Indian food!
    @Jennifer @Jamie @shirley- Haha.. what can I say, I am one lucky girl πŸ™‚
    @San- Welcome to Indian Simmer! πŸ™‚

  5. One of my favorite indian desserts is shahi tukda which is bread soaked in a rabdi type mixture. this sounds so comfoting and homely. would love a glass now!Love the first pouring shot- now tell me who’s hand that is!!

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