Lamb Kofta Curry

Lamb Kofta Curry

I made some malai kofta a while back. People loved it but that was a vegetarian version and so my carnivore friends felt a little left out with that. I got emails asking for a meaty kofta curry. When Dara from Cook in Canuck invited me for a guest post and demanded the same thing I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to make some. So I am here sharing the recipe for my mom’s Lamb Kofta Curry. Don’t even get intimidated with the name because this is nothing but an Indian version of meatballs. Meatballs cooked in a creamy and spicy curry sauce. A few ingredients or spices must be different but the comfort and warmth you get with those meatballs you will find the same here.


Kofta is hindi name for meatballs. In this case I am using ground lamb to make koftas but you can definitely use any meat of your liking. Cooking time will change according to the kind of meat you are using. Now the curry sauce is prepared the same way as you do in any other Indian curry with onion, ginger and garlic as the base. Then later different spices are added to form layers of flavors that burst in your mouth. But in this case there’s a simple ingredient which gives it a little twist. Cashews. Cashews are blanched and then ground into a smooth paste, mixed with some heavy cream and is added to the curry at the end. This gives the sauce its creamy and rich taste.

Another ingredient that I try never to miss when I am making a mughlai dish is kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves). Don’t ask me why. If you find it, just throw a couple tablespoons in there and that earthy taste in your curry sauce will tell you why. Its super inexpensive. You can find it at any Indian store for maybe a couple bucks and it lasts me forever. So if you can find it put it, if you can’t then no worries the earth will still survive!

To check out my recipe for a Lamb Kofta Curry head over to Dara’s gorgeous blog Cook in Canuck where I am guest posting today. While you are there don’t forget to check out how-to posts which are some kitchen simple techniques she shares every week, I find them very educative. So hurry up to Cook in Canuck and enjoy your time there!


  1. Hello,
    We love your recipes, especially when its on Lamb.
    These are so delicious.
    I have always looked at your blog for the various pictures and the way you write.Just Love it!
    You have shared some nice information about Lamb Kofta Curry in this post.
    The points you mentioned are genuine and perfect.
    The content completely describes about the topic you wanted to portray with us.
    Thanks for sharing such valuable post.

    VentairIndia Team

  2. Instead of lamb, I cooked it with equal amounts of ground chicken and ground turkey and followed the rest of the recipe. It was so delicious. Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

  3. Ever since I learn from my friend’s mother about adding cashews (like what you have done) to lamb curry, I have been using this “secret” quite often. It thickens up curries so well and adds that hint of earthy nutty flavor to curries. Your lamb kofta curry looks so delicious 😉

  4. Yummy Prerna! I love lamb but A is not a fan and so I never make it at home. Looking at this, I am so tempted and that kasuri methi on the gravy .. adds so much flavor. Love it!

  5. I love this Indian version of meatballs! And you can’t beat a creamy Korma sauce – I’m salivating already at the thought of that smooth cashew sauce.

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