Wordless Wednesday (sort of!)

Somehow my photography series Wordless Wednesday has been getting neglected for a while now. Rather, as much as I wished, I have not been able to update Indian Simmer too and I am sure many of you have forgotten about it! So today after finally moving into our new place, I thought I would start what had been left behind, all over again. So I am sharing a few photos I took in the last few days. These past few days have been really hectic and filled with some ups and a few more downs!

As if it wasn’t crazy enough, the little one fell off the chair and hurt herself. A run to the emergency room and a few more trips to the doctor and she is doing MUCH better than she did a week ago.

We moved into our new place and this was the first time I was seeing it (I know I trust my husband WAY too much!). But the place is nice and has tons of natural light. You know what that means to a food photographer/blogger, right?

We also managed to steal some time and went cherry picking with friends.

Kids loved eating cherries picked straight off the trees and we had our own little picnic in the farm.

And enjoyed some California sun and beauty!


  1. Prerna: the first photo is amazing. They all are. aren’t they always? you have a great eye. Your home is where your heart is. Looks like you are home!

    (I am considering a wordless wednesday…but then I am afraid I won’t be able to post consistently. I like posting randomly, when I feel like it.)

  2. Congratulations on moving into your new home, Prerna! I’m sorry everything was not as smooth as you would have liked, but glad to hear your little one is doing better.

  3. How could we possibly forget about you Prerna?! You are awesome! I love all the photos!! I think it’s fun to use a camera phone some days. Leaves a sort of….candid moment on life. Or something equally deep and interesting 😉 haha.

  4. I am sure no one can forget you …. u r blog is so fantabulous. I hope the lil one is doing well now. Lovely clicks …. reminds me of my California days. U take care and hope you settle down soon so that we can take advantage of the beautiful Indian Simmer 🙂

  5. No one can forget Indian Simmer .. I haven’t and I can’t 🙂 Glad to see your back and in ‘sunny’ California! I hope you cute lil one is doing better now.

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