Indian Simmer in your kitchen- Part 1

Another promise that I made to you and myself a while back but circumstances didn’t allow me to take it forward. Indian Simmer in your kitchen was an idea that came into my mind and I shared it with you in this post when we celebrated its first blog anniversary. Your emails about how you tried the recipes on this blog and how you liked it always brought a smile on my face. Sometimes even better you would take photos of the dish and send it to me, other times would blog about it. So I thought how about I share those photos or blog posts here in this series. But just like a few promises I made to myself and others in the past couple months I was not able to keep it. Although now slowly I am trying to mend that. Hence kick starting Indian Simmer in your kitchen to celebrate you and your love which has always been my biggest inspiration!

Dal Makhani and Homemade Naan by Pat & Shawn Davison


  1. Woooopieeee ….. Glad to see u back to blogging. Guess you have settled down 🙂 Thanks Prerna for the post …. I can vouch that the recipes I tried were awesome !

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