For Japan with Love

Its St. Patrick’s Day and I know you all must be all set for a big party. But I also know that just like me you have not forgotten the disaster and catastrophe that the people are facing. We just sit in front of the television and can only helplessly look at what people have to deal with. We feel a rush to just get up and go help them save their lives but its just not humanly possible but we all want to to our share.

Yesterday I got to learn about For Japan with Love a movement started by the lovely people behind Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged. I was really touched by the way they were trying to help and spread the word in their own little way and felt the need to do it myself.

For Japan with Love has two parts to it.
Fundraising where you can visit the donation page of For Japan with Love and help. The donations will go straight to Shelter Box an organization working day and night in Japan to help the ones in need.
The second part of the movement is the Bloggers Day of Silence where all the participating bloggers (including me) will stay silent and not post anything on their blogs on Friday the 18th of March. Just a small way to show our support and raise awareness.

I and the other participating bloggers invite you to join us and help in whatever way you can. No help is small!


  1. Thanks so much for the support guys! Please help spread the word!
    @Now Serving- Thanks a LOT for the link! It just made me smile and hope even more!

  2. Thanks for posting this – Yesterday I’d posted on my FB status asking if anyone knew of a way to help/contribute in some small way…
    On a different note, would also like to share with you this letter a friend shared with me today - enjoy 🙂

  3. This shows how helpless we are in front of mother nature! It is heart-wrenching to see wat is happening in japan, prayers for all the brave souls fighting out their for courage strength and hope! Amen!

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