Guest post on Rasa Malaysia – Samosa Recipe

Samosas the most popular Indian street food.

I got to know Bee from Rasa Malaysia a couple months back. Wait, let me rephrase that, “Bee got to know about me and Indian Simmer a couple months back” because I’ve known her forever! Ever since I was not even a food blogger. Like everyone else, my first go-to place was her blog every time I wanted an Asian recipe and she has been an inspiration for me all this time. So you can imagine how I felt when I got an email from her saying how much she liked my blog and my heart almost skipped a beat when it was followed by a request to do a guest post.

Bee asked if I can share a recipe for Samosa. Samosa is one of the most popular snack/street food from India and I have so many memories related to it that I just jumped at the opportunity and said yes! It’s true that I had to make a couple of calls to my mom to get all those little tips which finally helped me make the perfect samosas that we get in the shops at every street corner in India.

So if you’d like to know how my samosas came out, please head over toΒ Bee’s blog and check out my guest post at Rasa Malaysia.


  1. I made these last night and they were great! I used spring roll/ lumpia wrappers instead of making my own dough and it worked out pretty well–followed the cooking directions on the package, very easy. They reminded me of the samosas/’golden triangles’ we used to get at our favorite Burmese restaurant in Maryland. (Now if only I could find a recipe for their red dipping sauce!) One day I’ll try making your recipe for dough–I’m sure it’s fabulous.

    I made the tomato and cilantro chutney to go with them– it was heavenly. My husband couldn’t believe that I made it all and that it was better than what we’ve had at restaurants! I give you all the credit– you have put together a fantastic recipe. It really was a lot easier than I had imagined. Thank you!

  2. The fact that I grew up in South Africa with samosas as a favourite snack, even on sale in my school canteen, is a testimony to what a melting pot of cuisines my beautiful contry is! Yours look fantastic – crispy and not greasy at all. Mmmmmmm. πŸ™‚

  3. Prerana, Loved your excellent samosa presentation.They are perfect in shape and appeal.You mention to make 11-12 inches diameter flat circle, I think it should be centimeter to get those perfectly shaped samosas.
    Your pictures are very catchy and they stir strong appetite for the dish.

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