Clementine Tiramisu


Are you one of those who always have a bunch of these in the fridge lately? And while you love munching on them, you would love to see have them in different form? If so, you are at the right place. It’s all about Clementines out here too and why not? This is the best time to get them in their freshest form and they taste so good! Lately they have been our breakfast, lunch and dinner in one form or the other.


And here is something I’m making (almost) every day these days! Clementine Tiramisu . Yes a tiramisu soaked in clementine juice, layered with a creamy cheese and egg mixture with some dried cranberries sandwiched in between. And what the heck, I threw in some cocoa to top it off as well.


And I’m not kidding when I say that we are eating this every day. Probably because it is so light that it never really fills you up. So we are not getting bored and trust me people, we get bored with things PRETTY fast!


Ok, so first for the people who don’t know exactly what a Tiramisu is, let me tell you a little about it. A traditional tiramisu is a pudding-like dessert that usually consists of sponge cake or ladyfingers dipped in a liqueur, then layered with grated chocolate and rich custard. Now that’s all I knew about a traditional tiramisu. It comes from Italy and since I didn’t know about the origin or history of this delicious dessert I did what everyone does when they don’t have an answer. I googled it! Found some interesting things about it, some of them being the fact that the tiramisu was originally made as a loose custard, it is only in recent years that mascarpone cheese has made its way into it. There’s a debate about who came up with that recipe n blah … You don’t wanna know that! All you wanna know is how you can eat it its made. Right?


The recipe is so simple! Just grab some eggs, get the yolks, save the whites for breakfast. Add some sugar, then some cheese, then whatever flavor you want. I wanted my tiramisu to have a clementine flavor so I added clementine juice to the custard and to make it a little tangy, I added a hint of lemon juice. Now start making layers of lady fingers (or sponge cake, whatever you have) and the custard. Following is the recipe for individual tiramisu which serves six people, but you can totally make a single cake with it as you can see in the photographs.


24-30 ladyfingers
16 oz mascarpone cheese
2 cup freshly squeezed clementine juice (looks like a lot, but its not!)
1/2 cup dried cranberries (soaked in juice for a few hours)
6 large egg yolks (at room temperature)
1/3 cup sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 cup cocoa powder (for dusting on the top) optional



Beat egg yolks and sugar on a high speed until they become thick and light in color.
Just whisk the cheese a little to break it so that it doesn’t form lumps. Then turn the mixer to low and add mascarpone cheese, half of the clementine juice (one cup), lemon juice and vanilla extract.
Your custard is ready.
Now you can either use a 9×12 in. dish to layer your tiramisu or like me, get a few glasses or tall bowls.
Dip ladyfingers into the rest of the clementine juice and place them on the dish making first layer.
Sprinkle some cranberries and then pour half the custard over it. Spread it evenly to cover the whole surface.
Now repeat the same process starting with ladyfingers and keep going as far as you want!
Once you are done layering, smooth the top, cover it with a plastic wrap and pop it inside the refrigerator for at least 4-6 hours. This would help tiramisu soak all the moisture.
Before serving, garnish it with the fruit that you used or you can sprinkle a layer of cocoa powder on the top.


  1. Hi,
    I am a new visitor in your profile. Loved all your recipes, and great idea of using clementine’s. One quick question is : Where do you buy ladyfingers from?

  2. Sounds Delicious! Just curious about the raw egg. I guess it would be the same as making a Cesar dressing with the use of raw egg. In any instance, you need to be careful.

  3. That first picture just made me gasp. It is so breathtaking. (ok, so I’m sounding repetitive. Just trying to drive the point home.)
    Your blog is just inspiring!

  4. I think we call that mandarin oranges, and it is very auspicious for Chinese New Year. This would be a great idea to use up the clementines we have around at home next week! Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  5. Gorgeous!! And what an idea to make Tiramisu with citrus, sounds just too good!! I am very much the kind who can gorge on citrus all day and not complain:-)

    So this is where the mascarpone went!!

  6. I have made both berry and espresso tiramisu “cake” so I would love to try something new like this. So appropriate for the season!

    Great pictures btw!

  7. This is an ULTIMATE TIRAMISU Prerna ….!!!!!

    Great combo. We have made it several times but never paired it with sweet and tangy clementines…this dessert is looking divine!

  8. gorgeous pics, gorgeous recipe. I am not much into sweets but I can’t resist a good tiramisu. Tiramisu and clementine seem a perfect match to me sugar, sweet, sour and bitterness from the chocolate,,,,yum heaven!

  9. ohh you made my fav desert in the world.. Tiramisu !! Now I am craving for it .. I am new in this cooking line .. not sure if i can pull myself to making one at home .. guess have to ask my dearie hubby to pack one while coming home …Tiramisu .. SIGH !!!

  10. Citrus & Chocolate is an awesome combo! I like using seasonal fruits in desserts a lot too.You have done the dessert very beautifully.I know you would be sick of hearing this..but stunning pictures.

  11. I’m so glad u guys like it 🙂
    @Archana- U have a gorgeous spcae! thanks for introducing me to it!
    @Rosa- Coming from you it means a lot!
    @Lick my spoon- Yeah they are almost the same. Tangerine is just a tad bigger than Clementine n is tangy 🙂
    @Shayma, @Angie, @Soma, @Sanchita, Jessica- Thanks 🙂

  12. Aaaah….guess I wasn’t fast enough this time in commenting. We have an abundance of tangerines too (is that the same thing) and usually just juice it or have chocolate dipped clementines. What an unusual tiramisu idea though. I’m sure cocoa and clementine must taste heavenly together!

  13. as Rosa said, a GLORIOUS Tiramisu! are you sure u don’t want to move to Texas by me Prerna? 🙂 Lovely lovely lovey recipe and same with all the photographs.

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