Sorry gotta go, but will be back SOON!

There’s been a lot of cooking going on in my kitchen these days! A lot of playing and painting the whole house with the chocolate…


a lot of dishes in and out of the oven…


and a lot of batter already waiting to be baked …


Its just that the writing and sharing the recipe part is not happening as much as you and I would like. But trust me I’ll be back as soon as everything is baked, packed and ready to fly along with us to the other part of the country. We leave home tomorrow to spend some time with a few other important people in our lives and once I’m there and all the bags and goodies are unpacked, I’ll talk to you. Till then hoping that you are enjoying the lovely and brrr… chilly weather outside!!


  1. When you come back, I would love to hear what your favourite recipe for cabbage is! I’m pretty much in love with your blog and I’m newly addicted to cabbage (and all things related to it!) so I wanted to know how you like making it! Thanks!!

  2. Aww, you guys always make me smile!! Thanks lot you everyone for your love n wishes! We landed here safely and nothing beats seeing some old smiling faces waiting for you after a tiring journey. So glad we came! Will talk to you all soon 🙂

  3. Ha ha cute post.. the first picture is stunning. SO the whole house is chocolatey 🙂 Have a safe and wonderful trip. Waiting to see you back soon.

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