Christmas with No Bake Frozen S’mores


Wow, Christmas is gone and I am sort of counting down the days for next Christmas already! Don’t you think that the days you look forward to the most are also the days that pass you by in a flash? I guess it’s the waiting and the prepping part that makes everything more exciting than the actual day itself.


I’m sure you all had a great Christmas! For some of you it must be a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, for some it might have been a fun trip to someplace nice and some of you might even have spent it very privately with your close ones like I did. But regardless of how you spent it, I can guarantee that food was a big part of the occasion for you. Because as for all of us, food is more that just something we eat – a reason to come together, a point of conversation or simply an outlet we all need!


My Christmas, as I said, was very simple and quiet with just my family in the house having fun with playstation, cooking/eating some GOOD food and watching the little one look out the window at falling snow with a glint in her eyes! I started with a long list of dishes I wanted to cook this Christmas. The whole list of recipes that I shared with you a few days back was on my list to tell you the truth, but as you can guess that I got overly ambitious which later turned into super panic and so I ended up choosing some of the simplest ones and these No Bake Frozen S’mores proved to be a huge hit! It’s another yummy, hassle free and cool recipe that I recently found.


Speaking of cool, I wanted to tell you about this cool iPhone app that my friend Rebecca from Chow and Chatter recently launched. This app allows you to quickly and easily search her best recipes by cuisine. If you are into cooking, which I’m kinda guessing you are, then you might want to check this out!


Ok, so now about these No Bake frozen S’mores. I found this recipe at Tokyo Terrace who also got it from the Foodista Cookbook. It’s a very simple recipe with simple ingredients like chocolate and marshmallows which to me screams holidays! That was the reason I had to make it (other than the reason that I was lazy enough to make anything elaborate and instead sat on the couch and played games!)

Ingredients: Adapted from Foodista

1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
1 1/4 cups chocolate chips
2 cups miniature marshmallows
12 pieces sugar wafers
2 cups vanilla yogurt (I just thought full fat works better than no fat, just to hold everything better)
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
a few more sugar wafers for garnish


Heat cream in a pan until the sides start to bubble.
Remove from heat and stir in the chocolate chips and mix it all well together until all the chocolate melts.
Let it sit and cool for a few minutes and then add the marshmallows, yogurt and wafers which are broken into small bite sizes.
Line a flat dish (baking dish or any other dish with a slightly high edges) with a  foil.
Pour in the mixture into the dish and spread evenly.
Garnish with walnuts and sugar wafers and pop it into the freezer.
Let it chill for a few hours and then cut them into bars and enjoy!


Hope each and every one of you had a fabulous time with family and friends and hope this Christmas fulfilled all your wishes and brought with it some new hopes and dreams!


  1. Hi prerna….came here thru flickr….I wanted to tell you how much I love your photography. Each and everyone is brilliant.:)I have been roaming around ur space for the past half an hour….following you:)

  2. Oh my gosh, they are perfect! Maybe not the healthiest treat around, but probably the yummiest. And for sure the prettiest. Your pictures are outstanding!

  3. No bake treats are such savers during holidays. And then they S’mores, all good things put in a simple chocolate package 🙂 I’m sure A is a happy girl!

    Happy New year Prerna, glad we met this year and hoping we continue to be friends hereafter and may your blog see greater heights 🙂

    And ofcourse have great time with Food.Friends.Family

  4. I like easy no bake treats when I just need a chocolate fix but don’t feel like putting a lot of energy into baking something. Adding sugar wafers are a great idea, they must give a little lightness and crunch that balances out the creamy richness of the chocolate.

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