Off to Atlanta!

fbf-badge-AtlantaFood Blog Forum is holding a day-long conference in Atlanta this Saturday. This would be interesting and informative to bloggers who want to learn to increase their social media presence, do better food photography, monetize their websites and break into mainstream media. There will be some great food bloggers/photographers from around the country coming in and this would be a great opportunity to meet them. And if all this comes with some out of the world food, finest wines and a lot of fun and partying then who will not want to be there? I’m going too!

Hoping to learn a little from Jaden Hair, Diane Cu and some of the other great names in food writing/photography fields and at the same time have a great time. See you guys when I’m back with lots to talk about. Wish you all a happy weekend!

I also wanted to wish all my friends who celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and Happy Eid to everyone!


  1. What a wonderful weekend it was you guys! I had a blast. Alison,Julie, Megan and Gwen I’m so glad you guys liked what I’m doing here and it was such a pleasure to meet each n everyone of you!

  2. Oh my gosh Prerna, your pictures are gorgeous! You’ve got the food styling thing down! Why didn’t I learn more from you while I had the chance? Seriously, your blog is beautiful and I’m so very glad I met you. You are so sweet and kind and talented! We will definitely be keeping in touch 🙂 Thanks for being so friendly and making me feel so welcome this weekend!

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