Happy Birthday to my little monster!


This one right here will turn one in a couple days!
Last year, 29th of August became the best date of our lives. When we held her in our hands for the first time and looked at her face we believed she’s gonna remain the same tiny little burrito forever. But nope…She’s growing and she’s growing pretty fast!

She’s one already! We wanted to make this day all about her so we decided to take a couple days off, get away and do what she loves doing and celebrate the most magical one year of our lives. So I’ll be away from this virtual world for a few days but will be back soon with probably some wonderful stories and some more recipes.

See Ya!


  1. Happy birthday to your lovely little girl. I hope she grows up to treat you with the same love and warmth you showered her with every day. Enjoy your few days away. We’ll be waiting right here to check out what you’re posting next! 😀 P.S. Awesome Wordless Wednesday photo. The clouds are unreal. 🙂

  2. Your cutie pie looks truly cute 🙂 And its so good to see a kid growing. As a parent you would be in bliss. I am sure 🙂 Belated happy birthday to the little angel 🙂 Have fun with her 🙂

  3. Aww, Thanks a lot you guys! You’re the best!
    We just drove up to Georgia last evevning and planning to take her to the Zoo and my li’l one is crazy for animals and then I might have some secret plan for myself as well 😉
    Love y’all and will be back soon!

  4. Time flies and how. Mine turned into this mega monster before we knew it… now at 14+, taller than me & no more mild! Happy birthday to your precious poppet!

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