Saturday afternoon at the Farmers Market

Spring is here. How I love this time of the year! No more snow for months.. Blooming buds all around.. And sun has really been kind lately. So you might understand how nice it must be to step out of the house on a sunny afternoon & I can’t even begin to tell you how much my 7 month old loves to go out, meet people, see all around and admire everything in her own language.


So this Saturday we decided to make a trip to the farmer’s market, so that baby can have all the fun she wants and mommy can have her share of fun too.If you love cooking and specially with fresh food then you know exactly what a farmer’s market means.


I absolutely have a ball in between all that hustle and crowd. You can find fresh produce, meet the farmers who actually spent a good amount of their life raising them with their hands, discover some stuff, learn something new.. Its all fun!


Did I tell you that I found some of the most gorgeous strawberries there? The moment I laid my eyes on those berries I knew exactly what I wanted to make out of them. Will be posting that soon.


Also met a local baker who makes some of the most beautiful brioche and yes, I bought a couple. He invited me to his baking classes that he gives every weekend. So I guess you’ll find some bread recipes here too, hopefully one day.


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