Moringa Leaves Sanna Polo/Dosa

Moringa Leaves Sanna Polo

Moringa Leaves Sanna Polo/Dosa

Savory south Indian dosa or crepe with healthy moringa or drumstick leaves in a spicy coconut, rice and lentil based masala.


¾ cup raw rice
¾ cup toor dal/split pigeon peas/split yellow lentils
¾ cup grated coconut fresh or frozen
12 to 15 dry red chilis
1 large marble-sized tamarind or ½ tsp tamarind paste
1 large bunch drumstick or moringa leaves 2 to 2 ½ cups leaves
¼ cup green onions or spring onions chopped
¼ tsp hing/asafetida
Salt to taste
Coconut Oil for shallow frying

Full recipe: Moringa Leaves Sanna Polo/Dosa

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