Nucchina Unde/Lentil Dumpling

Nucchina Unde

Nucchina Unde/Lentil Dumpling

For Nucchina Unde the lentils are soaked for a sometime in hot water and then ground in to a coarse paste. This paste is flavored with ginger, green chili and onion in my house. You could add dill leaves if you like the pungent smell of the leaves. Dill not being a favorite for us, I just skip it. I like to serve these as appetizer as well, with green chutney on the side.


thoordhal 1 cup
moongdal 1 cup
urddhal 1/2 cup
ginger 1 inch
green chili 6
onion 1 big, finely chopped
salt to taste

Full recipe: Nucchina Unde/Lentil Dumpling

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