Spinach Rajma

How to make Vegetarian Spinach Chili

Spinach Rajma, How to make Vegetarian Spinach Chili

For me, Rajma or Chili was an acquired taste. I didn’t eat a lot of Rajma/Chili while growing up. I did develop a taste for it when I started making it for my husband who loves this dish a lot and always complains that I don’t make this frequently. The way, I prepare the Rajma is slightly different than the chili you get here. I don’t add minced meat in it nor do I add chicken stock in it. I keep it simple and the taste doesn’t vary vastly from the famous chili that you get here.

Rajma or red kidney beans are loaded with protein and is a healthy and filling dish. I went another step up and added chopped spinach in my rajma. It was delicious. I still made the beans to be the star though and the spinach just added to the flavor and nutrients.


•3 cups rajma/red kidney beans soaked overnight and boiled (Alternatively, you can use canned red beans)
•4 TBSP oil
•1 large red onion, finely chopped
•2 large garlic cloves, minced
•1-inch ginger minced
•3 TBSP chili powder
•1 TBSP ground lightly toasted cumin seeds
•3 big tomatoes pureed
•1 TBSP tomato ketchup or pasta sauce (this will give a very rich red color to your chili/rajma)
•1 cup spinach (I used Costco’s organic spinach mix)
•Salt to taste
•½ cup chopped cilantro
•1 TSP Turmeric
•2 green chilies sliced (optional)

Full recipe: Spinach Rajma, How to make Vegetarian Spinach Chili

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