Instant Mirchi ka Achar

Instant Mirchi ka Achar

Instant Mirchi ka Achar

This instant Mirchi ka Achar will always be available in every household of North India.


20 Green Chillies

1 tablespoon Mustard seeds

1 tablespoon Fennel seeds (Saunf)

Salt , to taste

2 Lemon , juiced

1 tablespoon Cooking oil


In a mortar, crush the mirchi and keep it in a bowl.

Grind the mustard seeds and saunf in a grinder and keep it aside.

Once the mirchi is crushed, to the same bowl, add ground mustard seeds and sauf by adding a little oil.

Mix it well and add 2 fresh lemon juice into it.

Keep in sun for 2 days. you can eat it immediately also, but pickled version tastes yummier.

Serve Mirchi Ka Kuta Recipe along with Roti and a bowl of homemade curd.

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