THEKUA – Fried Indian Cookies

Thekua Recipe

THEKUA - Fried Indian Cookies

Thekua is an integral part of the Chhatt festivity and are offered as Prasad or offering. Spiced with fennel and cardamom, these fried cookies have no preservative or raising agents but stay good for weeks in an air tight container and therefore goes without saying that they are great to carry for travel. A few adjectives I would use to describe them are – rustic, crunchy, moreish, earthy and comforting.


1 kg Wheat Flour
½ C desicated Coconut
1 tbsp Fennel seeds
1 tsp Cardamom Powder
100 gm Ghee (edited 12 Nov. – I feel they came out better when I increased the amount to 130 grams)
550 – 600 gm Jaggery
250 ml Water
Ghee for deep frying

Full recipe: THEKUA – Fried Indian Cookies

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