Baked Gulab Jamun

Baked Gulab Jamun

Baked Gulab Jamun

Baked Gulab Jamun are spongy milk based Indian dessert which is baked instead of deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. Standing in front of oil for long time don’t make me feel good and also i am avoiding deep fried items in my diet these days mostly i try to bake the dishes which requires deep fry.You would ask me about taste ?? I do get it but to my surprise I did not find so much of difference between deep fried gulab jamun and baked ones.


Gulab Jamun Mix-2 cupsMilk-1/2 cupGhee-3 tbsp Sugar syrup:Water-2 and 1/2 cupsSugar-2 cupsLemon-1 tbspSaffron-4 stringsCardamom powder-pinch

Full recipe: Baked Gulab Jamun

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