5 Ingredient Vegan Roomali Roti

Roomali Roti

5 Ingredient Vegan Roomali Roti

This famous Indian flatbread recipe is called “Roomali” Roti, as the texture and form is supposed to resemble a soft and thin scarf or, hand-kerchief. Most Indian restaurants with open kitchens will get their chefs to toss up the dough into the air to stretch the dough out before baking it on upturned hot clay pots. This recipe has been adapted for my home kitchen and uses only 5 ingredients and, no oil. I cooked the rolled and stretched out flatbread on the back of a cast iron wok with a dash of nonstick spray.


Wholemeal Flour – 1.5 cup
Strong White Bread Flour – 1.5 cup
Coconut Yogurt – 4 tablespoons
Warm Water – Approximately 1 cup, may need more or less depending on the flour
Salt, to taste

Full recipe: 5 Ingredient Vegan Roomali Roti

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