Jungli Maas

Jungli Maas

Jungli Maas

Jungli Maas is a simple dish usually cooked in the jungle, while on shikar; the main ingredients being mutton or goat meat, flavoured with dried red chilies, salt and ghee. I also added garlic to up the flavour quotient. It’s a no fuss, no frills dish where the primary ingredient, the meat really gets a chance to shine as it’s not covered in a whole lot of masalas.


Mutton/Goat meat- 800 grams (I used bone in, cut into small pieces, from the leg)
Dried red chilies- 15
Garlic cloves- 10-12
Ghee/clarified butter- ½ cup
Salt- 1 tsp

Full recipe: Jungli Maas

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